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There are around seven or eight new properties that Jenn and I will be checking out on Sunday. Gregory, my realtor, sent over a few, and I searched around and found a couple, too. There’s one in particular that I’m really liking the look of, and it doesn’t hurt that it’s all of two or three blocks down from some good friends of ours. If it’s as cool as it looks like from the pictures, that’ll be the one. I know that one of the houses we’re going to look at is a nice size for the price, and I’m big on size (heh) but the kitchen looked REALLY small from the pics, which could be a problem… then again, it may have an offer on it, too. I guess I’ll worry about that Sunday.

Of course, Gregory’s going to Mexico for a week so I’ll be dealing with his partner, Terri, on Sunday. Which really doesn’t bother me so much, but it’s just one more thing to stress about.

The thing is, I’m starting to stress over things surrounding this whole house-purchase thing, and it’s generally things that are out of my control. I find it helps to call people and ask questions about the process and what I need to do at certain steps therein since familiarity with how things work and knowing what my part is in all of it is comforting. Sort of “imposing structure on chaos,” if you will.

There’s other stuff, too. For example, my parents are adamant that they see any house I want to make an offer on before the offer goes out. But they can’t make it to this side of town during the daylight on weekdays, so that would mean I’m waiting weeks - weeks where other people are potentially making offers on my house - just to make a first offer. I’m thinking maybe they can just see it after I get things moving, since the timing on things is just not going to work.

And we’ve got a bunch of stuff in storage, some large items of which (a mattress/box spring set, a display case) are going to be listed for sale in the want ads. That’s Jenn’s one job here - figure out, by tomorrow (she’s had a week now) how to list things in the ads. Like, what sort of requirements there are - description length, pictures (if online or whatever)… but she’s made no progress on it and just complains that there are no display cases out there like the one we’re selling so she doesn’t know how to price it. She’s a smart girl and I love her, but sometimes I would love to just be able to trust her to use the intelligence I know she has (she passed the national pharmacy tech certification test, after all) and solve the problem without my intervention and without procrastination. If I was able to do everything by myself, I wouldn’t have asked for help, would I? (Note that I very rarely ask for assistance on stuff from much anyone - I’m very much of the philosophy “God helps those who help themselves.” Plus, if we’ve gotta list these things for more than a week, we need to know how to do it yesterday.)

It occurred to me about 4:45 this morning that I didn’t know how I was going to go about converting my renter’s insurance policy over to homeowner’s. So I got up to pee and got back in bed and laid there thinking about that… and the fact that I’m not sure what Ann’s (my mortgage broker) part in making an offer is… or how I’ll be going about doing that… or even whether Ann’s received my loan paperwork in the mail that I sent her earlier this week…

I got up about 5:30a after laying there stewing on that stuff, took my shower, and went to work early.

Since then, I’ve called State Farm and talked to a nice lady named Jessica who explained how to go about getting the homeowner’s policy, so I’m feeling a little better about that. I’ll need to provide my information to Ann so she can file that away, uh, wherever those things get filed.

I still need to call Ann to find out what I need to do if I need to make an offer on something. I’d like to think the realtor and the mortgage broker get together behind the scenes to deal with the details, but somehow I’m scared to let that stuff out of my control. And when do I lock my loan rate? Before or after I make an offer? Does it matter? Argh, this will be the death of me.

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I went to the quarterly all-hands meeting just now and learned exactly one thing:

I really need to make an eye doctor appointment and get a new glasses prescription. And maybe find out if I’m a candidate for laser vision correction.

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I took slightly less than a minute per question on my latest Microsoft certification test, MS 070-290: Managing and Maintaining a Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Environment, and I think I missed all of three questions total. A passing score was 700, I got 760, and from the way the results graph looks, it seems that 800 was the best possible score. Out of 45 questions, that’s not too bad.

Only one more test and I’ll have the Microsoft Certified Database Administrator certification (to add to my Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer in .NET certification). Meaningless paper? Possibly. Worth something in the job market? Most definitely.

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I participate in my company’s employee stock purchase plan. You contribute to the plan a small amount every paycheck and at the end of a quarter or whatever that amount of money goes to purchasing a block of company shares at a discount rate. It’s a pretty good way to go.

The problem is that the shares automatically get dumped into an ETrade account (actually, an “OptionsLink” account - sort of like an ETrade account, owned by ETrade, but more geared toward stock options and things). Now, I’m not a big stock trader. I’m not comfortable with moving electronic sums of money around willy-nilly, particularly since I have so little money to actually move. To that end, I have an account at a stock broker that I’m comfortable with, where the service is a little more personal and the experience is generally friendlier.

Every time I get stocks through the purchase plan, I send a fax over to ETrade to have them transferred to my other account. In the past this has only taken three or four business days.

This time, I asked for the stock to be transferred over, and two business days later, the stock no longer showed up in my ETrade account. I went to the web site for my other broker and… it wasn’t there, either.

I waited a couple more business days and checked again. Still no stock anywhere.

It’s been eight business days, maybe more, since I asked for the transfer. My stock’s not been received by my other brokerage, and it’s not on ETrade’s site. I’m starting to get concerned.

I called ETrade and after navigating an impossible phone tree and sitting on hold for an interminable amount of time, it turns out that ETrade’s process is a bit more involved and lengthy than I’d like, and God forbid they tell me about it. What they end up doing is transferring the stock out of OptionsLink and into a straight ETrade brokerage account (an account that I don’t even look at, let alone use). That takes several business days. Then they initiate the transfer from the brokerage account at ETrade to the one at my regular broker. That, too, takes several business days.

We’ve gotten as far as getting the stock into the ETrade brokerage account and my other broker has been contacted to expect to receive the shares in my account there. I should have something in the next - according to the telephone help lady - five to seven business days. Which would bring this process to about 15 business days, or three Earth weeks just to get some stinking stock transferred. Why so difficult? Setting up a wire transfer between bank accounts takes no time flat compared to that. What’s the problem here? And how come I have to fax my request over to someone there and I can’t just electronically initiate the transfer through the web site?

They should make two web interfaces for electronic stock trading. One for the novice user (me) and one for the advanced user (day traders). I want to buy, sell, and transfer to another account. That’s it! I don’t need all these fancy real-time analysis madubers and high-tech tracking whatsits. Big fonts, big buttons, simple interface. Maybe I’m stock-retarded. Or maybe I just want a simple experience, the same way the users of the applications I write expect.