About Me

Travis Illig

My name is Travis Illig. I’m an Enterprise Architect for Fiserv Corporation working on next-generation online banking microservices and web applications.

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I believe there is a certain art in solving problems in the computer science world and I enjoy practicing that art. Note that while all aspects of that art are interesting to me, my passion lies in technical leadership and architecture. In animation terms, I prefer to be a keyframer.

When I am not programming for work, I sometimes code for fun. I’m a co-owner of Autofac, a popular .NET inversion-of-control container. I have some little web apps of my own including a “Command Prompt Here” Generator. Most everything is on GitHub nowadays, so head over there for more.

I also like playing games, working on my media center, and collecting movies and music.

I am open to hearing about new opportunities, but only:

  • Permanent, full-time positions.
  • No relocation. (I’m in the Portland, OR metro area.)
  • Something very, very compelling. I’m happy in my present position and changing jobs is not something I do lightly.

And, please, don’t call me - send email instead. I cannot take your calls during the work day.

You can get my resume in PDF format here.