Dental Excitement

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I went to the dentist yesterday morning to have my teeth cleaned. Not the most exciting procedure in the world, but I gotta keep these pearly yellows clean.

So I got the cleaning done and made it all the way to the final exam where the dentist comes in and pokes around in your mouth for a couple of seconds when he declared that one of my fillings was “rough” on top and needed to be smoothed out (I hadn’t noticed, but maybe that’s just me) and another of my fillings was acting like a “wedge” and my tooth was cracking so the filling would have to be replaced.

Thus, I went in again this morning to have the royal treatment. I got the gas, I got the numbing gel, I got the shots, and I got a new filling. All the while I listened to a little Blue Man Group on the iPod.

What really killed me was the part when I left and found out how much I owed. I have a 10% responsibility on the bill; insurance covers 90%. I ended up paying $78. That means a filling costs $780. Isn’t that pretty exorbitant? I was only there for a frickin’ hour! Maybe I should be in the medical profession.

Thank goodness they take Visa.