Build Up My Hopes And Shatter My Dreams

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Saturday Jenn and I went out house hunting with the realtor again. This time, however, we met with success - we found a beautiful house that had everything we wanted. We walked through and loved everything about it. Very spacious, beautiful construction, excellent floor plan, lots of character. Perfect.

You know when people tell you that when you walk into a house you just sort of “know” whether that’s the house for you? We knew. It was awesome.

We went through a couple more houses just to make sure, but we couldn’t stop thinking about that one. We decided to make an offer.

The realtor went back to the office to draw up the paperwork and told us to go hang out at Starbucks or something for a half hour while things got prepared.

Twenty minutes or so later, I got a call from the realtor.

Someone made an offer the day before on our house and it was accepted. So, from the category “a day late and a dollar short,” we were a day late.


I guess we’re going to take a day and go through some more this weekend, but I don’t think we have that many now that we want to see. I know much better what features I’m looking for in a house (at least, I know all the things about the house we lost that I would like to see in any future prospects) and none of the ones we have seen so far even come close.

So… the search continues. Much to my dismay.

In related news, our next door neighbors moved out of their apartment this weekend. It made me very jealous, though honestly I don’t know if they’re moving to a house or just another apartment. Either way, I couldn’t help but feel like it should be me doing the moving out.