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Before I start this, let me say that I am not a coffee drinker. I probably have one cup every two weeks or so, just because I need that caffeine boost and the sugar in cola-flavored-beverages usually sort of bogs me down.

Today I need to do some serious programming, and the only thing that makes me have a decent time with that is if I’m wide awake - enter the caffeine.

I went to get a cup of coffee this morning, and… the pot was empty. I looked in, and it seemed that I was the first person to try to get coffee because the pot was clean from the night before. Fine. I put everything together and brewed a pot of coffee. When it was done, I got a cup.

I went back out an hour later and the fucking pot was empty again. God forbid anyone else make a pot of coffee but me, the non-coffee-drinker.

I’m thinking I should rig the pots up with some sort of a scale and a digital camera apparatus so that when the pot of coffee reaches a weight approximating “empty,” the camera will take a picture and send it to me so I can bust the asshole that’s not making coffee.

Then again, not everyone knows how to make a pot of coffee. One time I looked in the pot and thought I was getting tea, when it turns out some people are just idiots. Yes, those pictures are real. Unbelieveable.

This sort of reminds me of that movie City Slickers when Billy Crystal’s character, Mitch, is talking to Jack Palance’s character, Curly:

Mitch: Killed anyone today, Curly?

Curly: Day ain’t over yet.

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My bad day today actually started yesterday when our email server went down due to some funky computer policy crap that went on. That part wasn’t my problem, but the fact that I formatted and reinstalled everything on my desktop computer on the very day when all the network trauma was going on means that I only had problem after problem getting things to work properly.

My bad day continued today, when all sorts of crap went on. Jenn sometimes pings me during the day via email to see how my day is going. I figured I’d let you all in on the email today so you can see what goes on backstage, as it were.

Fuck my day. Fuck it up its stupid ass. Everything has gone wrong today. My extranet server won’t send notifications to people when it’s supposed to. I don’t know why; had to open a support call for that. Another of my support calls came back and told me that, basically, I have a lot of work to do in order to rewrite this program I’m working on and make it work properly. I gotta have that in to those guys ASAP so they can continue their work. I’ve got people showing up asking for tutorials on how to do really simple shit and people so anxious for the intranet to roll out that they’re riding my back for it even though I told them it’s not going to be ready for at least A MONTH. I’ve got shit to update on some forms that need to go production on our extranet site (the same site that’s all fucked up with the subscription notifications thing) but have to play police and ride people for input on them, even though the forms are THEIRS. I have to fight Microsoft Support to give me files that they say on their web site all you have to do is ask for - now they want me to justify WHY. Everything I’m working on is priority one, and nothing is getting done because I can’t finish one thing before starting another.

So, there you have it. I’ve been running around today sort of in this Age Affected Attention Deficit Disorder haze, doing lots of stuff but getting nothing done.

My baby, however, has gotten some rather high marks on the latest unit in her Pharmacy Technician training program - 96%! That’s pretty good, if I do say so myself. I am very proud.

Another positive item of note: My friend Gerb found this web site that reminded him of me. I read it, and it reminded me of me. I couldn’t have written it up better myself. What do you think?

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The Transporter, frankly, rocked.

I’m not sure there’s much more to say on the matter than that.

For those who don’t already know, The Transporter is an action film about a guy, Frank Martin (played by Jason Statham)who used to be in the military (what action hero wasn’t in the special forces?) but now has resorted to a life of crime. He transports packages - of any nature - from one place to another, no questions asked, guaranteed delivery.

This doesn’t sound like the guy is too high up on the criminal ladder, does it? I mean, the guy’s basically a high-priced mule. You know what? That doesn’t matter. From the second you start watching this movie, it’s got you sucked in. I mean, the first five minutes is all action. Like the first chapter of a good book, they’ve got you hooked and wanting more.

Anyway, one day Frank Martin gets a request to deliver a package. Except this time, the package makes a lot of noise… so he breaks his own rule and opens the package. It’s a Chinese girl, Lai, played by Qi Shu. From there, he gets mixed up in… well, I won’t tell you. Just go see for yourself.

Jason Statham is definitely on my list of badass action stars. He has more of a gritty street vibe than most action stars, and a more understated presence; you wouldn’t expect this guy to kick your ass, but by the time you’ve thought about it, you’ve already been beaten. I look forward to seeing his next project.

Qi Shu does a pretty good job, too. She’s a lot more integral to the plot than, say, your latest Bond girl, and she looks great. I’m not so sure about the character… but you know what? Why analyze it? It’s an action movie, and that’s what you get - hard action, fast cars, hot women.

The posters and trailers would lead you to believe that this is directed by Luc Besson, but it’s not. Besson co-wrote and produced, but another guy, Corey Yuen, directed. I wasn’t disappointed - it had the Hong Kong action feel with a twist of Besson style to it.

Go check it out - I’d say it’s worth prime-time prices, but if you can’t afford it, definitely see it on the matinee.

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There is not enough time in the day to do all the things I have to get done.

That, coupled with my distinct lack of patience, has me pretty much topped-out as far as activity is concerned. It may not look like I’m doing a lot, but I’m about ready to have a cardiac from the stress.

The weekend… where to begin?

Friday night, my dad and I went to see The Transporter, and liked it. I wrote up a review a little bit ago and posted it, so check that out.

After the movie, my dad came back to my place and we watched three of the first four episodes to Push, Nevada that he had recorded. I caught a few of the clues while watching, but after checking out the enochonline web site, it seems the game is much bigger than I am. There’s money to be won, and someone will win it. In the meantime, I enjoyed the show - it was very David Lynch - and I hope ABC doesn’t kill it by putting it opposite CSI on Thursday nights.

Saturday was a day of getting things done, and Saturday night Jenn and I watched Seattle destroy the Hawks, three to nothing. It was a terrible beating, and I am disappointed in the Hawks for the distinct lack of playing hockey that was displayed.

I also received my ninja costume from Karate-Mart. Heh. I bought an extra-large, figuring it would accommodate a 6’2” guy - after all, the site says it will fit someone over 6’3”. Not so. The pants fit more like skin-tight culottes and the shirt made me look like an organ grinder monkey. I’ve packed the thing up and sent it back via UPS as of today, but I was thinking about this…

It cost me $9.90 to ship the $30 uniform and a $6 fake sword. Let’s assume, for the sake of argument, that the wooden sword cost $4.90 to ship. That means the uniform cost a total of $35. Well, to ship it back, it cost me $8.90 because they request you ship things via UPS, RPS, or some other insured shipping method, and that’s the UPS charge. They also charge you a 15% restocking fee - in my case, that’s $4.50. So that means it cost me ($5 original shipping + $8.90 return shipping

  • $4.50 restocking fee) a total of $18.40 to try on a costume that didn’t fit. Web shopping is not all it’s cracked up to be, at least when clothing is involved. Now you know why brick-and-mortar stores will never go out of style.

Jenn got her costume on Saturday at Party City. Mary Katherine Gallagher from Saturday Night Live. It’s a good costume, too.

Oh, and Jenn got some new jeans at The Gap. Normally I wouldn’t mention something so mundane, but there was a bit of a production involved with getting the jeans.

Jenn’s used to wearing the “reverse” cut jeans. I’m not even sure what that means - how do you reverse fit a pair of jeans? Anyway, that’s the kind she wears. Or, should I say, “wore,” because they don’t make that kind anymore? Which means that Jenn had to find a new cut of jeans to wear.

So we went into The Gap and she grabbed a pair of the “classic” jeans off the rack and starts walking to the counter. I’m all, “Hey, aren’t you going to try them on? How do you know they’ll fit?”

“They’ll fit,” she said.

I wasn’t so sure. “Why don’t you try them on so we don’t have to come back and return them?” After a bit of prodding, she went into the dressing room and tried them on. A few minutes later, she came out.

“I hate you because you’re always right.” Yeah, that’s what I thought. They didn’t fit.

She put the pants back, and the sales lady came over and asked if we needed help. “No,” said Jenn. “Yes,” said I, “we do. She used to wear the ‘reverse’ jeans but, of course, you don’t carry those anymore. What do you have now?” The sales lady gave us the ins and outs of the 300,000 different cuts of jeans that The Gap carries (none of which fit me) and then told Jenn to try the “boot cut” kind.

Jenn, of course, refused.

After more prodding, she took the pants into the dressing room and tried them on. You know what?

They fit just fine. Plus, they look really good. Hella better than those reverse-cut sons-of-bitches. This new pair of jeans has, oh, I don’t know… personality. I like ‘em. Jenn’s still getting used to them, but I think she’ll come around. (We did end up buying the boot cut pair. I couldn’t resist rubbing in how right I was for the rest of the day, either.)

Sunday I went to the Portland Comic Convention and picked up several card sets and back issues that I had been looking for. I spent way too much money, but such is the way of things. I was going to buy that stuff anyway, so I might as well just get it over with.

After that, I went to the local sporting goods store and picked up some sweat pants and a hooded sweatshirt that I will magically transform into a new ninja costume. Hey, I liked the sword and wanted to do something with it. Besides, I can wear the sweats other places than just a costume party. Good enough, then.

So now it’s Monday and I found out a little while ago that I need to rebuild my desktop workstation because something weird is going on with .NET application debugging. Not that I mind too much - the machine has been running for a long time without a rebuild - but it’s a time consumer that I didn’t want to have to deal with just now. Oh well, such is life.

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The Transporter is out tonight and my dad and I will be going to see it. I’m stoked. I’m hoping it’s as badass as it looks in the trailers. Usually Luc Besson movies are, but I’m noticing this was directed by Corey Yuen, whoever that is (looks like he’s done a lot of Hong Kong action stuff). Either way, I’m ready to go.

Watched Survivor last night on my new TV

  • the first real show I’ve gotten to just sit down and watch since I got the thing hooked up. It was the bomb. Didn’t hurt that they voted that whiny bitch Ghandia out, either. Now if they will just vote Robb out…