Casserole du Tot

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We were strapped for dinner ideas last night so we broke out my mom’s recipe for tater tot casserole (or, as I have come to call it, Casserole du Tot).

It was actually pretty decent, all things considered. Jenn claims it was her first ever casserole creation experience, and I think it was mine, too. I’ve eaten various casseroles before, but never have I made one.

This one happened to make like 20 pounds of casserole, though, so I have a feeling it’s leftovers for another week or so. I mean, it calls for a two pound bag of tater tots. That’s a big-a casserole-a.

Something I forgot to mention yesterday: On Monday night, Jenn and I attempted to go to the sneak preview of I-Spy. I was pretty psyched about seeing it, and I think Jenn was pretty excited, too. But I say “attempted to go” because that’s all it was - an attempt.

Here’s how it went down: I signed up for a contest to get a free movie pass to see the movie. I got the pass. Jenn and I met up at home around 6:00p and we were downtown, parked (for $5, no less, because God forbid they have the preview at a theater with a parking lot; of course, my logic was that the movie was free, so $5 for parking was no biggie), and in the theater by 6:15p. The movie was set to start at 7:00p.

We got in line and there were, oh, 100 people in line, give or take, when we got there. That’s not bad; the theater probably seats 300 or so, I think. I’ve been to loads of these previews and that’s not uncommon to see that many people there. So we got in line and a few minutes later the line starts moving. They let like five people in, then say, “Sorry! The theater’s full!” What?! You let five fucking people in. It’s not full.

But it is full.

Turns out, the place that I got the tickets from thought they had the whole preview to themselves, so they gave away enough tickets to fill the seats. But another place was giving away tickets, too - and enough to fill the seats. So only half the people who got tickets were able to get in.

I understand they “slightly overbook the theater” to “ensure a good turnout,” but that’s ridiculous. Especially when the place I got the tickets from only wanted to know one thing about you - “Are you definitely going to be able to make it?” I made it, and I got screwed.

In the end, Jenn and I went to Starbucks and I got me a Ventitm Mocha Frappuccino®. So it wasn’t a total loss, but I was admittedly a little peeved.

Bitches, man. Bitches.