A Special Joy in Coffee Black

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Today is not going to be a good day.

I got to work after my allergy shot appointment (for which the nurse was late) to find that several things had gone amiss in the 15 hours since I’d last been here.

First, we’re working on an automated approach to rolling out Office XP to the users here. I’m participating in the test rollout, being part of the CIT team and all. Basically, they configure some things on the network and when you reboot your computer you get Office XP automatically installed. Well, apparently, Access 2002 breaks certain apps that a few people use so last night the Office XP team here (a team of like two people) started experimenting with figuring out how to install some machines with Office XP complete and some with a subset of Office XP, minus Access.

When I turned on my computers this morning, Office XP (which was already installed) was uninstalled and then reinstalled for me. Automatically. Thanks. Because that won’t screw anything else on my machine up.

Next, I opened up my email box to find several beauties. One email from Microsoft Support told me that this gigantic program I had written basically needs to be reengineered - almost rewritten from the ground up. Apparently they’d rather have me do a shitload of work than fix the problem on their end. Fine. Another email from Microsoft Security Services alerted me to a bunch of IIS patches I have to roll out ASAP, which, of course, means I need to test them on my test machine, then fill out the change control forms on the servers that need the patch, then roll out the patch, etc., etc. What a pain in the ass, and just what I wanted to do today. There were also three new help desk cases assigned to me because users here don’t seem to know how to use the web, even though we’re a web software company. It never ceases to amaze me.

Finally, while I was figuring out all the stuff I have going and pending, I realized that I’m the major bottleneck on almost all of the projects I’m on because I’ve got too many damn irons in the fire (so to speak). No stress there, baby.

I did try using the voice recorder feature on my iPaq during the ride home last night, though, so I’ll put the thoughts I came up with here, in the order I came up with them. Honestly, I don’t remember a single one, so I’ll be just as surprised at them as you are. Here we go…

Transcription software. I need to look into getting transcription software for my iPaq, if such a thing exists. This would make the writing of the blog way easier, assuming the software was any good.

My mind is going, and I really can’t remember what I did yesterday (or even last week), so maybe the blog is spoiling me. While talking to my friend Liz at lunch yesterday, she asked me what’s been going on with me. I was like, “Haven’t you read my blog? I post all the good stuff there.” And she was all, “No. Can’t you just tell me?” That’s when I realized that I don’t remember what’s been going on. I write it down here so I don’t have to remember. I’ve never been very good at remembering chronologically-related things (dates, times, happenings), so maybe that’s just my nature. Then again, I’m wondering if I’m not even trying to remember because I have it written down right here.

Cheap American toys and the lack of quality. I bought a small die-cast metal car yesterday in the shape of a 2002 Acura RSX Type-S (the car I drive). It had this ridiculous spoiler on the back that was almost the size of the car, and while I was contemplating what to do about that, it came off in my hand. I didn’t even apply any pressure to it - it just broke. Where’s the quality anymore? I remember a time when you could take a 20-pound sledgehammer to a Matchbox car and it’d break your sledgehammer. Damn.

If I can’t remember things now, how will I even remember to listen to these recordings? This was sort of a disjointed thought that sprung from the above My mind is going… thought. Basically, I’ll forget I even recorded stuff on my iPaq to listen to later. That’s pretty sad.

Bizarre Love Triangle is one of the best songs ever. I was listening to the New Order album Substance in the car. I think the statement speaks for itself.

I wonder if I aspire to speak like Jay and Silent Bob? For those who have seen any of the View Askew films… I sometimes come up with shit that even I don’t know where it came from. I think subconsciously, I try to be like the characters from, say, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back.

I think my blog is a lot like the TV show Seinfeld - it’s a blog about nothing. I’m thinking that’s true. I read back on some of the stuff, and it reads like a bad episode of Seinfeld - nothing happens to me, yet I write about it anyway.

Driving my car at night reminds me of the SR-71 Blackbird spy jet. The inside and the outside of my car are both black, so you don’t see anything in the car that isn’t lit up. When you turn the lights on, the gauges all light up red. And I don’t mean the whole back of the thing - only the letters, numbers, and other markings light up. I dig it.

I always appreciate those people who want to drive extra safely and go 15 mph in a 25 mph zone. Because you know that the extra 10 mph is just killing them. Ice cream trucks go at least 30 mph. Get a move-on, people.

There you have it. The latest thoughts, as they happened.

I read this back and wonder if that tape recorder I so desperately need is such a good idea after all.