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I got impatient because the TV repair folks haven’t called me to schedule the pickup of my TV for tube replacement so I called them yesterday. Turns out the warranty company is sitting on it. Apparently they take three to five business days to approve standard changes; a tube replacement can take up to ten business days. That would mean I wouldn’t even get the pickup scheduled until next Thursday.

As far as I’m concerned, that’s unacceptable. I’ve been hosed for a month now, and I’d like it fixed.

Here’s hoping they can come through a little faster than that. Maybe I can make some more phone calls and get things rolling.

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I went this weekend and took advantage of some of the President’s Day sales at Home Depot and bought a new dishwasher. That will be delivered and installed this coming Saturday, and I can hardly wait. I saw our existing dishwasher in the store - it’s the lowest of the low-end models. No wonder our dishes aren’t coming clean. Once that shows up, I’m going to the store to buy some new glasses - these are etched from poor drying and have hardened food on the inside because of poor rinsing.

We are also considering a new barbecue grill (ours is old and nearly rusted through), an air hockey table, and one of those retractable awnings so we can actually use our back porch.

I’m loving the Roomba - in fact, it’s vacuuming right now. Ronco style

  • set it and forget it. My mom is skeptical, but I’m happy with it. I figure I can set it up in a room, push the button, and go do stuff. It might take three or four times longer than a human to vacuum, but look at it this way - you’re not doing it. Who cares how long it takes? Now they need one of those that mows your lawn and I’m set.

The TV repair people haven’t called me to schedule the pickup of my TV for repair yet, and that worries me. I mean, the TV is mostly watchable - it’s not just dead sitting there - but I’d like to get this resolved ASAP. The stress of the thing is killing me.

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I updated the SNInfo app I wrote for displaying assembly strong name information so now it shows a minimum amount of information in a small window to start with, and you can click a button to expand the form and see more detailed info. I also added the full public key to the information displayed, and updated the app so you can drop an assembly right on the SNInfo.exe program and it’ll open up with the information directly (rather than having to open SNInfo and then drag the assembly onto it). Oh, and you can click on a “copy” button next to each field to copy that respective information to the clipboard.

Full source and compiled executable available. Have at it.

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The television repair guy came to my house and it turns out I need a new tube put in the TV. The offical diagnosis was “unable to hold purity - purity slips out of alignment.” My diagnosis is “colors fucked up, picture not straight.” Regardless, it needs a new tube. Next step is that they’ll call me to schedule a pickup time.

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I got some new shoes, which I’m pretty stoked with. They’re Nike Shox TL2, which means I’ve got springs the entire length of the sole of my foot (which, if you’ve seen these feet, is a lot of springs).

Nike Shox

I dig ‘em. Ultra-comfy, and pretty darn cool. Highly recommended.