Burn Fast, Burn Bright, and Burn Out

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I’m not sure how it started. I can only assume it was while cruising iTunes, but I’ve gotten into this mid-90’s Britpop groove. More specifically, I went on a mission questing for early Oasis albums.

I picked up (What’s The Story) Morning Glory and Definitely Maybe. After a few runs through “Champagne Supernova” and “Live Forever,” I’m starting to feel the romanticism of the burn fast, burn bright, burn out rockstar lifestyle. The “alone in a crowd” feeling of being high and low at the same time. I had a similar feeling after watching Almost Famous - a ship of emotion on a rolling sea of fame.

Visions of drugged-out rock stars sitting in an expensive high-rise hotel room, throwing the TV through the plate glass door to the balcony and abusing the heroin-junkie groupies, the only people left who care. Fashion, glitz, and glamour, taken intravenously, destroying the user from the inside out.

I don’t yearn to be a part of that, but I do appreciate the romantic, self-destructive quality of it. It intrigues me. I’m fascinated by the people who choose to surf those waves, to ride until they crash, and sometimes even get back onboard and try the ride again. A glimpse into that life is enough, and then it’s time to return to reality.