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The new version is out with a few bug fixes:

Fixed rendering issue with table lists being wider than the window.

Fixed rendering issue where generics didn’t display correctly in syntax preview.

Updated minimum requirement for CR_Documentor to DXCore 1.1.58. Needed for syntax preview.

Cleaned up icons in the preview window toolbar.

Added CR_Documentor to the DXCore “About” box.

Go get it!

net comments edit

Greg pointed me to this pretty cool all-in-one API reference site. If you’re a developer, you’ll want to check this out: ~Got API?~

Update 2/1/17: The site has apparently gone out of business. Link removed because it turned into some weird porn spam thing.

I was sitting here, minding my own, when the alarm went off for a fire drill.

Normally fire drills take place on a nice sunny day, so it’s not a big deal - you quickly pack up your stuff (because who knows how long you’re going to be outside, plus you want to make sure if it’s a real fire that your iPod won’t be burning) and follow the herd to whatever arbitrary meeting spot you’re supposed to be at. That’s generally followed up by some milling about, laughing about the inconvenience of it all and wondering how much money is actually being spent on the drill due to lost productivity.

Today’s drill started out the same, packing everything up and following the crowd, but the wrench in the works is that it was pouring rain outside, so everyone was outside shivering and getting soaked through to the bone. In a word, it sucked. Plus the lost time. I’m totally wet now, sitting here trying to re-focus on what I was working on, and, frankly, it’s just not happening. Maybe I need to head into the bathroom and dry off with some paper towels.

The new version is out and the big addition is that you can now see the member syntax preview along with your documentation!

Fixed bug in diagnostic logging of MouseDown event.

Added preview of member syntax.

Added member title banner in preview.

Go get it!