Updated Home Network Diagram

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We recently switched from Frontier back to Comcast because we were having issues with Frontier’s customer service and pricing. Plus, Frontier is really trying to get out of the TV game and we like our TV features, so Comcast got us back. (I was also pretty tired of Frontier remotely reprogramming my router and then denying it.)

Anyway, Comcast gives you a cable modem but no router, so I ended up getting a Netgear WNDR3700v2 for a replacement. That freed up my D-Link DAP-1522 to move upstairs and become a wireless bridge.

After moving everything around, my network looks like this:

Home network diagram after adding the new router and

So far it’s working very well, with the exception of a couple of recent dropouts in the 2.4GHz wireless on the router. I’ve updated the firmware on it to the latest, which is supposed to take care of that, and… so far, so good.