Accidental Karaoke

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Jenn and I have sort of settled into this “comfort zone” that requires we never go anywhere we haven’t already been or haven’t been recommended to by friends. The problem with that is that you never have any exciting adventures and nothing really new ever happens, which is, frankly, boring.

In an attempt to break that trend, and because we have one of those Entertainment coupon books, Friday night I decided to pull a coupon out for a place we’ve never been before and just go there regardless of how good or bad it was.

Since it was the first excursion, we chose a place not too far from home but, again, somewhere we’d never been - Maguffy’s Pub.

Maguffy’s is a pretty standard bar sort of thing. I think it used to be a pizza joint because I think I remember eating there at one point when it was, but I’m not sure. Anyway, it’s a fairly decent sized place with a couple of pool tables, a bar, and a few booths/tables for folks to eat at. It’s reasonably smoke-filled (which isn’t so great, in my opinion, and made my eyes burn) and the menu is mediocre bar-fare like chili dogs and nachos (which Jenn and I ordered, respectively).

We got there at about 8:00p or so, and long about 8:45p we were getting ready to pack up and go because it wasn’t too happening until this guy announces that “It’s 9:00 at Maguffy’s and it’s time for karaoke!”

Now, it wasn’t 9:00p, but Maguffy’s seems to have its clocks set ahead about 20 minutes, presumably so they can close on time. Interesting, but I digress.

Since it was karaoke time, we decided to stay and see what was up. Not too many people in there, so I didn’t think it would get all that great, but then this guy got up there and murdered the Eagles song “Hotel California” and I couldn’t leave - the entertainment value was too high.

I quickly messaged Stu and Tif on their phones to see if they could join us. Tiff had been begging to do karaoke with us for a while and this was the perfect opportunity. They busted on over and the party started.

Tiff sang a Dixie Chicks song and “Touch-a Touch-a Touch Me” from the Rocky Horror Picture Show. She even convinced Jenn to get up and do another Dixie Chicks song (“Sin Wagon”) with her. Stu, two Mike’s Hard Lemonades and half a pitcher of beer down, got up and sang Stevie Ray Vaughan’s “Pride and Joy.” We were going to do a group run at David Lee Roth’s “Just A Gigolo” but we didn’t get the chance (the karaoke guy didn’t call us).

There were several other very entertaining folks there, but I think my favorite was this guy named Darren who seemed like the biggest geek ever but could really sing. He laid out “Sweet Transvestite” from the Rocky Horror Picture Show and the Stray Cats’ “Stray Cat Strut.” Both fantastic renditions.

We ended up leaving at like 1:00a. Our coupon was for buy one, get one free on dinner. Nachos, a chili dog, a pitcher of beer, an RC cola, two Mike’s Hard Lemonades, and a Rockstar Vodka later, and I came out of an excellent evening with a $12.25 tab. I’m wondering if something didn’t make it onto my check, but I didn’t actually see the tab, so I couldn’t say. I won’t look a gift horse in the mouth, though - that’s a super cheap evening of fun. Now I’m curious what the next adventure will be.