All Fun Until Someone Loses An Eye

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Friday night Jenn and I went over to my parents’ place to watch Mr. and Mrs. Smith (they hadn’t seen it yet) and to pick up the fourth season of MacGyver, which my mom got me.

The plan was originally to have Stu come over on Saturday and have a MacGyver marathon. Something came up and he wasn’t able to make it, but we all got together Saturday night at Stu and Tiff’s place to have some dinner (Stu made some tasty herb chicken and potatoes) and play games. The game of choice that night was Weapons and Warriors.

In this game, each team (Jenn and I, Stu and Tiff) sets up a castle that has all sorts of breakaway features (the windows break out, ramparts come off, etc.). Each person has a crossbow, catapult, or cannon that shoots these little red balls. The object is to shoot down the other team’s castle (actually, it’s to knock down the guys in the other team’s castle, but the goal is effectively the same).

I really don’t know if they should sell stuff like that to little kids. The whole thing got totally out of control - little red cannonballs flying everywhere, people getting shot in the neck (thanks, Tiff!)… and the castles (in some cases) are really too sturdy so it’s hard to knock them down from across the room. After one round, I went over to Stu and Tiff’s castle and had a rough time breaking one of the ramparts off by pushing on it with my finger.

Anyway, like I said, out of control. Tiff ended up finding one of the cannonballs in her school bag on Sunday when she went to her study group. Out of control, and far too much fun. Next time I might have to take some protective eyewear.

Sunday was the MacGyver marathon. Stu came over and we popped season four in. Apart from stopping to go get some pizza and soda, we made it nine episodes in before calling it a night. Tiff ended up joining us toward the end, and Jenn made some awesome Indian food from this cookbook we got a while ago (so the last episode was spent on the leading edge of a food coma).

All in all, a super successful weekend. Onward, to the week!