Graduated From Allergy Shots

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I’ve been on allergy immunotherapy shots for about three years now to lower my susceptibility to dust, pollen, and animal allergic reaction. I went in yesterday to get tested and I’m finally done!

The doctor says it’s possible for symptoms to come back in three to five years, though, and if they do I need to go back on shots. That’s fine; not being bothered come grass season is the most awesome feeling ever. We never were able to get my skin tests down to zero reaction (except on animal allergens - I really improved there) but I can’t complain.

Minor detour/gripe: I was listening to the radio yesterday and heard a Tom Jones cover of the song “Black Betty.” Being a closet Tom Jones fan, I have several albums, but didn’t have this song. Turns out it’s on a greatest hits album. Not wanting the whole album (because I have all the songs from it on the other albums I own), I went to iTunes to see if I could just get the one song. They sell it as a “partial album” - every song except the two I don’t already have. So if I want it, I have to buy the whole album on CD. Lame, guys, really lame.