DVD Watching

We’ve been watching a lot of DVDs lately. In particular, TV on DVD. Wonderfalls has been a particular favorite (I highly recommend it).

I got an email today from Amazon that mentioned La Femme Nikita season 3 is coming out on June 28, so I had to pre-order that. I also saw that Lois and Clark season 1 came out, so I ordered that as well. (I had every single episode of that on videotape until we moved, when I realized I couldn’t be carting around that many videotapes all the time. I kept the first and last episodes, and I think that’s it. Hopefully they’ll come out with the rest of the seasons on DVD as well.)

Those should be shipping out July 2. Maybe by then I’ll have a fully functional TV to watch them on.

Speaking of the TV… did I mention that this weekend it made the loudest *snap* noise and the picture went out for a second? Happened twice. The audio was fine the whole time, but the picture sure wasn’t. I told the guy I’m working with at Magnolia about it and he said he’d talk to their service guy about it. I’m hoping to hear something back soon. Maybe today? I can only hope.