Light At The End Of The Television Tunnel

I achieved a semblance of closure on this whole television issue yesterday when I spoke with the manager of the Beaverton Magnolia A/V store (whose name is Dick) and he said he’d give me trade-in credit of half the purchase price of my distort-o-vision toward the purchase of a new TV.


I’m going to go in on Saturday and pick out a new set. They’ll pick up the old one, fix it up, and sell it as a used/refurb. That takes care of all my problems: I don’t have to figure out how to get the behemoth out of my living room, and I don’t have to eat the whole cost of a new set.

I’m looking at direct-view LCD TVs (not rear-projection). The Magnolia service rep recommended the Sharp Aquos line of TVs, and that’s pretty much where I ended up with my research, too. I’ve seen some other brands out there that look okay, but everywhere I turn, someone tells me to consider the Sharp.

The 37” models are sort of in my price range (with my trade-in credit and some price negotiations), so I think that’s where I’ll go. I’d like the 45” model, but that’s a bit pricey for me.

Saturday, here I come!