Continuing Restoration

I just got my backups from 4/12, and it’s looking like any images here between 1/16 and today are missing, so I’ll get on restoring those when I get home tonight. I also got my backups from the photo album I had posted with the Enchanted Forest trip, so I’ll try to get that up, too… which will probably mean installing some photo album software.

No problem, folks! We can do this!

Apparently there are some backups from 4/20 (heh… 4/20) that will also help me out, I just have to hope they can be found. Argh.

I’ll have to install a local copy of the database software I’m using to get the missing entries re-posted; I did my backups through data dumping, but the backups I was just sent are actual binary data backups, so I’ll have to restore the binary backups and then do a data dump and pull out the data that I need to restore… but, well, such is life. We’ll get there.