Blog Back Up

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Sorry for the downtime, folks. I’ve had some troubles with my hosting situation and I think I’ve got everything worked out now. I’d like to say “we now return you to your regularly scheduled program,” but I’ve sort of lost some entries (about a week’s worth, some of them I really wish I hadn’t lost since they were from my move) so instead I’d like to ask anyone out there who might have any entries past 4/9 cached, say in their RSS reader or something, to please send them in to me so I can re-post. I’ll still be trying to recover them (I do have backups, I just have to get the person who has them to email them), but in the meantime…

Well, I guess that does mean “we now return you to your regularly scheduled program.”

I’ll send out an email later today to the folks who wanted to be notified I’m back up. Of course, that’s not too many folks, but that’s okay. You know who you are.