RMA For Squirrel Pee

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I got an RMA for my Time Crisis 3 game, so I’ll be sending that back to Namco to get a replacement disc. In the meantime, I’m keeping myself busy with SSX3.

Last night I busied myself with figuring out the whole bartending thing. I’ve found that my favorite drinks to make are the layered ones, mostly because the whole thing fascinates me. here are a couple that turned out reasonably well - on the left, a B52; on the right, a Peach Haze.

B52 and Peach

I’ve also been working on staining a wooden shelf that I bought at the craft store the other day. I thought that buying a raw shelf and then staining it myself would be a money-saver, but if time is money, then I’ve wasted about $2000 on this thing already. Woodworking projects, including staining and painting, are generally bad ideas if you live in an apartment without a garage. I need to remember that.

Finally, we’ve had a leak over our stove now for a while. The first time we found it, it had rained the night before and had leaked down through the fan vent over the stove and onto the stove top. It was sort of discolored and gross, but what can you expect? Plus there was a lot, and we soaked it up with a towel. After a couple of times, we figured it was actually a leak and not some one-time thing, so we filled out a repair request form at the apartment office. The guy came to fix it and we didn’t see it for about a week.

I went out this morning and found there was more there, but this time I looked a little closer…

We have squirrels living in the crawl space, and they’re peeing down my Goddamn vent. I can’t say I’m surprised; it’s happened before. I was hoping I’d seen the last of these little assholes, but apparently not. I’ve since filled out another maintenance request, so here’s hoping I can put an end to the small animal urination in the area that I prepare my food. If it’s not one thing, it’s something else.