Continuing Vacation

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I woke up this morning distinctly glad that I still don’t have to go back to work quite yet. I’ve finally reached a decent state of decompression, and while I admit I have actually reached a state of boredom a couple of times so far, it’s been a welcome relief from the hustle and bustle that I usually endure. Having nothing to do (that is, nothing that has to be done) is a nice thing.

Jenn and I continued our recovery from the Christmas holiday by venturing out to what is commonly referred to as the “After Christmas Sales.” I’m not a big shopaholic, but I did find some bargains I couldn’t pass up. At Target, I picked up a couple of Harry Potter Lego sets on the cheap, and at Radio Shack I got my remote controlled Acura RSX. I’ve never had an R/C car before, so it’s pretty fun. Now if it would only stop snowing and/or raining so I could take it outside. I’m sure the cats are pretty tired of it by now.

I got my PS2 back. Actually, it’s a refurbished unit, so it’s not actually “my PS2” as in “the original PS2 I had,” it’s a semi-new unit, factory inspected, with a warranty and all. And you know what? Time Crisis 3 still doesn’t fucking work. So now I’m convinced that it is, in fact, the disc at fault, and not the console. However, I’m still glad I went through the process because DVD movies finally play correctly and all of the games I have (other than TC3) work perfectly. So I’m still ahead of the game. I have since contacted Namco support to see about getting a replacement disc.

I continue to rip my CDs into 265kbps AAC format so I can listen to them on my iPod. I’m just starting on the letter ‘S’ (my CDs are alphabetical by artist) and I’ve got 5,988 tracks totalling 45.3GB, or about 17.4 days’ worth of music. Not too bad; I thought it’d be much more space taken up than that. (Technically, some of my CDs are comedy, like Denis Leary stuff, so it’s not all “music,” but it’s still 17.4 days’ worth of audio.)

New Year’s plans include going to the Winter Hawks game and then going home. I bought a book - Cocktails For Wimps - and I think I’m going to try out some of the fancier ones with layers and stuff. I got a nice bar spoon and shaker from Kitchen Kaboodle yesterday, so I’m all ready.