Warming Up For Work Again

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It snowed like nothing else on New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day, to the point that in some cases you actually needed chains or traction tires to get around. I, fearing the other drivers on the road and their inability to cope with such circumstances, did not leave the house, opting instead to watch movies and play games with Jenn. This was probably a much better use of my time in the long run anyway.

New Year’s Eve Jenn and I went to the Winter Hawks game against Seattle and watched our boys lose a game they should have won had they not totally dropped the ball for the last half. After that we went home and ate junk food. We barely made it to midnight before we were just too tired and went to sleep. I wonder if that’s evidence of my increasing age, that it demonstrates how much I care, or if I just lead the wrong kind of lifestyle to be able to stay up all night. We weren’t out and about, though, and I think had there been more general activity (like a party or something) I probably would have found the energy to stay awake longer.

I’ve been working on this shelf that I bought at the craft store - trying to stain it a nice red mahogany color - and I’m finding that this project really isn’t suited to performing in an apartment with no garage. I can’t leave the shelf outside to dry, so I stick it in the computer room and shut the door (so the cats won’t get on it) and now when you come in the computer room you get a nice high off the fumes. I can’t wait to have a house with an actual garage and a place to do stuff like this.

I have also been working on ripping my CDs into 256kbps AAC format and I’m currently working on “The Very Best Of Rod Stewart.” That gives me 6680 songs, or 19.4 days worth of music, totaling 50.48GB.

Finally, in my productive streak, I’m working on getting some of my stuff that I don’t want anymore onto eBay. I’ve never sold anything on eBay before, but I’m sure it can’t be that hard. I’ve taken the pictures of my items and now I just have to get the HTML together to display them properly and write up some descriptions. Then we’ll see what happens.

I was over reading Penny Arcade and they were talking about a pretty biased New York Post article advising people to dump stock in Take Two Interactive because they produce the Grand Theft Auto series of games. I don’t even think I want to comment on the ridiculous nature of the NYP article; the Penny Arcade guys say it best on their site. I will say, though, that seeing an article like this discredits the New York Post as a viable news source for me. If the article had shown up in the “opinions” or “editorial” section, I might let it slide, but this is supposed to be a business article reporting news. Instead, you get to read a tabloid-worthy tale from an obvious ultra-conservative. Just exactly what the world needs.