Jenn's Birthday Bash

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The commute home sucked. It’s only 14.3 miles between work and home, and it took me an hour and a quarter. That averages out to around 11.5 miles per hour.

Here, check this out:

Now THAT'S some TRAFFIC! (12k

Traffic backed up as far as the eye could see. Ridiculous. And you know what it was? An accident coming in the opposite direction. Good, people. Rubberneck. That’ll definitely get us home faster.

Got home, gave Jenn her presents. I got her some movies (Amelie, Pretty Woman, and Can’t Buy Me Love), a foot massage spa thing, a Perfect Pancake, and a sewing machine. Not a bad haul considering none of her family showed up. Her parents are out of town for their annivesary and her sister had plans involving Jenn’s niece and a school get together or something. So it was me, Jenn, and my parents eating tiramisu torte and berry pie. Yum.

Tubby Cat as Gene Simmons (4k
image)During the party, I noticed that the Tubby Cat was doing her best impersonation of Gene Simmons. She’s funny when she does that, and I can’t figure out why. I heard that when cats are content they stick their tongues out. She must love laying on that paper! Click her head to see the full-body view.

Aside from that excitement, it was a nice, quiet evening at home. And now we’re at today, the tomorrow we talked about yesterday, and it’s back to the grinder for me.