Continued Upgrades

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Lots of stuff getting upgraded. Let’s see…

Jenn’s birthday is today, so her age has been upgraded. We’ll be getting together tonight with my parents and her sister and niece.

I got - free from MSDN - a ViewSonic V37 PocketPC. Very nice, if I do say so myself. I’ve migrated the stuff from my old Compaq iPaq 3600 onto this new machine and I’m not looking back.

I’ve installed pMachine so I can potentially provide some better blog features for you nameless masses who show up here to read about me every day. I’ve just got the base install complete, no customizations or anything, but I’ll be working on setting that up and getting it just right, after which I’ll import my blog entries from here over to there and get you going over there. I think my templates will change a bit, since I’d like to shake things up. My current idea is sort of a cobalt blue and black theme a la Mulholland Drive. So that’s getting upgraded.

Speaking of cobalt blue, I somehow lost my Fisher Space Pen. My favorite pen, black with a gold “US Ski Team” logo on it (I could have done without the logo, but the pen itself was the bomb. I had it in my pocket yesterday, and now… nothing. No idea where it went. So I ordered me up a new blue one, sort of like something you’d see out of Mulholland Drive. It’s cool, and I’m looking forward to getting it. So my pen is getting upgraded (from “no pen” to “really cool pen”).

Finally, I forgot to mention it, but a couple of days ago I broke down and ordered my new dining room table. I had found it at a different site, but then at the last minute I saw it on the Sears web site, for $55 cheaper. Can’t beat that. So my dining room is getting an upgrade. Of course, that’s not going to be here until October 13 or so. Shipping. Bah.