Three Lanes, No Signal

traffic comments edit

I said that Traffic Asshole of the Week may occur more often than once a week, and I was dead on. This morning I found another candidate for the title.

I was heading in to work, when I see this guy in an SUV (big surprise there) fly across three lanes of traffic without signaling:

Zoom Zoom! (6k

That’s right, all the way from the on ramp to the fast lane, no signal, no pause. He then runs right up on the bumper of the car in front of me and slams on the brakes. Good job there, man.

Then, just as fast as he flew into the fast lane, he flies back across the three lanes of traffic…

Gettin' back over... (5k

… and gets OFF THE FREEWAY!

Outta here! (6k

What, may I ask, was the purpose of that? He wasn’t on the freeway for more than maybe a mile or so; why do all this ridiculous maneuvering?

A perfect candidate for the title Traffic Asshole of the Week.