Reading Email

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I got in this morning, all ready to get down to it, if you know what I mean, when I got a call from one of our sales guys saying that there was a problem with this event registration app I have running - a customer tried to register and got an error.

On quick investigation I found that in the new site conversion, a part of this app was overlooked. No biggie, this was a chance to improve the app.

I worked on the update all morning and finally got the functionality done. The last step was to import the existing registration data from the app into the new database. In the meantime, I thought it would be nice to show the guy I know has a vested interest in seeing how the new app works. I sent him a link to the app and said, basically, “Here’s the app. Give it a look. The last step is importing the existing data, which is what I’m working on right now.” Short, to the point, just an FYI.

No problem, right?


This guy forwarded the email (intact) to his supervisor, who is pretty high up in the company. The supervisor then forwarded that to something like half the living population of the US. Finally, the supervisor sent me - and copied all of these folks - a note that said, basically, “Hey, that’s great and all, but not all of the data’s in there. We need that data in there!”

No shit, Sherlock. Did you read the email? That part where I said, “I’m working on importing the data now” - that translates into “I’m working on importing the data now.” Just in case that wasn’t clear.

Gotta love people. Sort of leads me to believe that the higher ranking you are, the less literate you become.