New Science: Magnetic Rain

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I called the Portland Winter Hawks office this morning and paid for the remaining balance on my two front-row season tickets. $468 each! Unbelieveable. I suppose I’d be really hurting if they were NHL tickets. Oh, well. Jenn and I have a ton of fun at the Hawks games, so it’s worth it. Besides, it keeps me out of trouble. I think.

Plus, I sit next to this guy, Jerry, and his wife Deona (I think that’s how you spell it) at the games. Jerry’s a kick in the pants. This guy has so many screwed up stories. My favorite one is the one where he sets himself on fire while cleaning out his motor home. Too much.

This weekend I realized, yet again, that I really need one of those voice-activated recorders so I can just say what I’m thinking and later transcribe it into blog form. Better still, play it back to voice recognition software and have the software transcribe it for me. Then I could go back and just proof it. See, I think most of my more “deep” (reads: entertaining) thoughts occur while I’m in the car, in the shower, taking a leak, etc., because I’m just zoning out. The blog misses out on those because I’ve forgotten them by the time I’m done doing whatever it is I was doing.

For example: I have noticed from my past experience that if you wear glasses out in the rain, regardless of how you orient your head or attempt to cover your glasses, the rain will always get on them. Always. This leads me to believe that water droplets and plastic lenses must have some sort of magnetic attraction to each other. If we could somehow harness the magnetism between water droplets and plastic lenses, we’d have abundant free, clean energy. I’m still working on how to do that. Keep watch for it in the news; I’m sure I’ll figure it out soon.

Then again, I realize too that if I had one of those voice recorder things then the blog would not only probably be waaaaay more random, but it would also have a lot more cussing in it. Maybe it would read like an Eddie Murphy sketch? I dunno.

I’m reading the book The Bourne Identity by Robert Ludlum because I really enjoyed the movie and my friend Brad from work (who was in the theater at the same time I was) mentioned that the book was really good. So, anyway, I’m reading this book and am realizing that the movie is almost a completely different story than the book. I mean, the names of the characters are the same (so far as I can tell; I’m not too far into the book) and the general plotline is roughly the same, but other than that… woo! Not even close. The book has so much that the movie just sort of skipped over, it’s amazing.

That said, I really did enjoy the movie. I’m glad I saw it before reading the book, but I’ll probably get it when it comes out on DVD.

Oh, and I watched Iron Monkey again this weekend - the first movie we’ve watched since we got the DVD player back from being cleaned. Something about Kung Fu movies makes me want to watch more Kung Fu movies. Like a slow growing, subtle addiction. Spy movies make me feel the same - if I watch a spy movie, I feel compelled to watch more spy movies. I go through month-or-two long stints where I’ll binge on spy movies, slow that down, slip in a Kung Fu movie, then binge on Kung Fu. I wonder why that is…