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The title on this entry is even more appropriate than I’d like, since I started writing it, got really frickin’ far in it, then somehow lost it all - the admin page where I enter my stuff reloaded and, just like Keiser Soze, it was gone.

What it really implies, though, is that Jenn and I are almost back to where we were a month ago before this smoke-damage-soot-epidemic thing hit us.

Wednesday afternoon, my electronics (TV, DVD player, PS2, turntable, tape deck, VCR, speakers) all returned to me. The down side is that when the cleaning company took the digital pictures of where I had everything placed and how it was all set up, the pictures didn’t come out. So I got to spend three hours that night unhooking everything, rearranging it all, then plugging it all back together and testing it. What a huge pain. I don’t mind hooking up stereo equipment, but it wasn’t on my list of things to do that night.

Then Wednesday night Horizon Restoration came by for their final walkthrough and we signed them out because all was well. With any luck, we won’t have to see them again. I do recommend Horizon, though - they do great work. If you’re ever in a crappy situation like we were, give ‘em a call.

Jenn and I put our DVDs and videotapes on one of our two bookshelves, books on the other. That, along with our new effort to box up videos and books we don’t use very often, is conserving vast quantities of space in our living room, allowing us to spread out the chairs and such and just overall improving the space utilization issue.

Where we’re going to put the boxes is a whole other story.

Last night I got my new coffee table delivered! I found it in the SkyMall catalog while on the trip to Vegas and then bought it from a local retailer, Shleifer Furniture. The table itself totally rocks. I’m surprised nobody else I know has a clock-table. It’s just very cool. The only issue I can see, which really isn’t an issue for me, is that you can’t put a lot of junk on the table because it obstructs the view of the clock and just looks bad. Well, shucks; I guess that means I have to be organized.

The table goes well with the Moulin Rouge! theme that we have going on in our living room. It has sort of an antique crackle finish to it; the wrought iron with a rusty patina. I love it.

Speaking of the Moulin Rouge! theme, ever since we redecorated, I’ve really gotten into Henri De Toulouse-Lautrec and Alphonse Maria Mucha art. Especially the Mucha. Something about the simplicity of it appeals to me. Simple elegance. I’m actually sort of addicted to the Mucha stuff; if I go in a store and pass through their art section, I have to look and see if they have Mucha art… and then I usually end up buying some. I really need to watch that. I’m going to go broke buying art.

On a whole other note, my company is having their yearly “Water World” party. That’s where everyone has a big water gun fight. It’s pretty fun. There’s also a dunk tank that management folks get into so the employees can dunk them. My boss, Greg, is getting in this time, so I’ll be sticking around to do a little Greg-dunking. Should be fun.