Ritualistic Selling

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This morning I went in to my local Target store to see if they had any little cast-iron bistro sets that I could put on my apartment deck (they didn’t). While there, I witnessed something I’m not sure I was supposed to see.

Upon trying to check out, I approached the cash register area… and no one was there. Looking closer, I saw that every Target employee on duty was in the customer service area.

There were probably 30 of them, standing in a large circle, all of them doing Tai-Chi-like exercises, all in perfect unison. When I approached, the entire group stopped and their apparent leader turned to look me right in the eye, and in a monotone voice declared, “It looks like we have a guest.”

One of the employees broke off long enough to scan my item, take my money, and send me on my way. As I walked out the door, I could see her returning to (what I’ve decided to call) “The Pod.”

Let me tell you, it was weird. It wouldn’t have been any more weird had they been standing around a pentagram in goatskin chaps. It makes me wonder if these morning rituals have anything to do with the success of the store. Hmmm. I wonder if other stores take part in such things. Anyone out there know?