Bad Hair Day

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This entry is a big thank you to Jenn for being soooo helpful and observant this morning. It’s also a good illustration of how badly and easily I get sidetracked.

After I got out of the shower this morning, Jenn let our baby Xev cat into the bedroom. Xev climbed my towel (while it was wrapped around me) up onto the counter and Jenn got in the shower. So far, so good. I got myself ready while watching the cat. The cat likes it when you turn the water on in the sink so it just barely runs - she sticks her foot in it, shakes it off, then does it again. She also likes to try to eat your toothbrush, destroy the Dixie cup dispenser on the counter, etc. So while I was getting ready, putting on my deodorant, putting the gel in my hair, and so on, I was watching the cat and laughing.

There are about 20 minutes between Jenn getting out of the shower and me leaving. During those 20 minutes, Jenn and I are in the same room (the bedroom) getting our respective selves dressed and so forth. After that, I pack up and leave, Jenn shutting the door behind me.

I just now went into the bathroom at work. Took a leak, washed my hands, washed my face and…


I’ve got hair running all over the place. It looks a lot like it does when I get up in the morning, but now it’s conveniently gelled into place. Fucking great. Permanent bed head.

Now, I’m not shirking the responsibility for this hair debacle. I’m sure I just got sidetracked stopping the cat from destroying something. But there was another human in the room who could have said something. Is my hair that messy all the time that it’s not noticeable when I comb it and when I don’t? Shit, people, say something.

I don’t have a comb at work. The best I can do is try to wet it and sort of beat it down with my hands. Dammit! Now what?

Okay, here’s a sidetrack for you: In the event you want to send pizza and Pepsi to a patrol, section, or entire platoon of Israeli soldiers, you can do so at You can also send ice cream or burgers. Apparently there’s a web site for everything nowadays. To be honest, sending pizza to Israelis never even crossed my mind before. Where’s the site to send pizza and Pepsi to me? (Actually, I guess this is it. But it doesn’t directly advertise the opportunity to send me food. Maybe I should step that up a bit.)