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Watched Survivor last night at my parents’ house. I was glad they voted Joanna’s whiny, annoying, overly-pious, off-key-singing, stupid ass off the show because she was irritating the living shit out of me.

I finished the majority of the sewing on this hat project I’m working on before Survivor started. It turned out pretty good, but I’m no professional tailor or anything. Now I’ve gotta wash it to get the disappearing ink to, well, disappear, and then I’m going to iron it and start beading it. I think once the beads get put on it’ll be a lot better. Right now it looks sort of rumpled and, while I am pretty pleased with it, I think it could be better.

We went to lunch today with the CTO of the company. He took the department out because he claims we’re doing a good job. I appreciate that he thinks so, but I’m honestly waiting for the other shoe to drop. There’s no such thing as a free lunch.

The end of the hockey season is approaching, and I’m glad to see it coming. The Winter Hawks suck this season and as much as I enjoy hockey and seeing my hockey friends, it’s difficult to pay money for season tickets to a losing team. I have hope that next season the coach will kick their asses if they suck this bad again. I think we have like three games left; next Sunday is our last game. Hey, maybe I’ll actually have some free time after that. Wouldn’t that be novel?

I have learned a lot about SQL Server databases in the past couple of days. The primary lesson is: if you have a 10GB database on a 25GB drive and you decide to delete a large portion of the database, the database transaction log will not hesitate to fill up the remaining 15GB of disk space and crash the system.

Rockstar Games is distributing the original Grand Theft Auto game for PC - free! All you have to do is sign up and download it. It’s 300+ MB, so a fast connection is key, but that’s cool that they’re giving it away. I downloaded it and burned it to disc. I’ll have to try it out one of these days.

I cannot wait for March 23 - I am impatient for my GBA SP.

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I’ll be out for SQL Server DBA training the week of March 10 - 14, so there will most likely be no posts. I probably won’t even be getting email, so, uh, don’t expect any replies or anything. We call it busy in my country.

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I got notified via that my 10-Year High School Reunion is coming up in July.

There are three events over the course of three days. The first night there’s an informal dinner at a local pizza joint. The second night there’s formal dinner and dancing at a local college. The third night (afternoon, actually) there’s a potluck picnic in a park with softball and volleyball.

I’ve been thinking about this for the last couple of days and I’m not sure what to make of it. I went to Jenn’s high school reunion and it was lame, even according to her. I don’t know if mine will be that lame, but I’m beginning to wonder if all reunions aren’t just a little lame. I never really got along with most of the folks in high school, either, so it’s not like I’m dying to see most of them again. The ones I really got along with I still talk to.

So why go?

Actually, I’m still puzzling that one out. As one of the valedictorians of the class (we had two), I spoke at graduation. I guess that sort of makes it my civic duty to show to the reunion, doesn’t it? But then, people didn’t like me so much (at least, that’s how I felt), so maybe not.

A short while ago I was flipping through my senior yearbook. Honestly, if you covered up the names in there, there’s no way I could tell you who 95% of those people are. I don’t remember; it’s been blocked from my mind.

I hope there will be nametags if I go.

If anything, I am thinking I’ll go to the formal dinner/dance thing. I think the most people will turn out for that one, and I’m not much for socializing at informal gatherings of people I don’t really know (at least, not anymore). Also, the formal event is a “no kids allowed” deal, whereas they can go to the informal ones. I’m not so hot on kids, so that’s a big plus for me.

I asked a friend of mine, Lisa, if she is going to the reunion. She hadn’t heard about it, which makes me wonder if the only folks who know about it are the ones on That would suck, wouldn’t it?

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I’m feeling a tad under the weather lately with the slightest twinge of a head cold. I like to blame Jenn for that, since she’s been sick for the last week and a half, and I think that her snoring right in my face at night has finally taken its toll. I drowned my sorrows in NyQuil prior to retiring for the evening, and I am told that I did my share of snoring last night, but I am entirely unable to remember since I was well into my NyQuil Coma. (I have the cherry version, not the green-fucking-death flavor.)

I received the Red Dwarf series pack of DVDs (containing the episodes from series 1 and 2) last night from Amazon. It had been a while since I’d seen the show (and Jenn had never seen it), so I popped in the first disc and watched the first episode - The End. I prefaced the playing of the show for Jenn with “This is British humor, so you may or may not like it.” On playing the show, the first words out of her mouth were “Hey, wait! This is British!” Hmmm. Someone wasn’t listening, were they?

The first episode, like other TV show first episodes, is good to introduce the characters and the story but not so good for the rest - it doesn’t demonstrate really how funny the show can be. I don’t think Jenn liked it as much as I did, but I’ll try to get her to watch a couple of the funnier episodes and see where that takes us.

After that and a little tortellini for dinner, we went over to my parents’ house to use my mom’s sewing machine. Jenn’s making herself a dress, and I’m making a Queen Amidala style beaded hat out of a childrens’ winter hat pattern. It’s the first thing I’ve actually sewn from a pattern (usually it’s just guesswork and making things hook up right; I don’t make clothing so much as just decorative items that don’t require exactitude), and I think it is so far pretty good. The only thing that stopped me from finishing the sewing part last night was that I ran out of bobbin thread

  • I can use the sewing machine, but for the life of me I can’t figure out how to set it up. Oh well, I guess it takes practice.

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If that’s not confusing, I don’t know what is.

Anyway, in response to some of the comments made yesterday

Why don’t I go to the social gatherings? A couple of reasons, actually.

First, I am not the socialite. It’s more stressful than anything else, and striking up conversations about things with people is nigh unto impossible. In a business setting it’s easier - talk business during business hours. Talking business in a social setting is hard for me.

Second, if it’s anything like the other SharePoint group gatherings I’ve been to (the user group, seminars, etc.), it won’t offer me anything anyway. I already have a direct line to communicate with the product development group for SharePoint Portal Server through my work connections; they’ve heard all my gripes and continue to listen. And I’m one of the vastly more advanced users of the product - my implementation is much larger and more convoluted than anyone else I’ve talked to - so when I talk to peers about the product, I usually get reactions like, “You solved that? I didn’t even know it was possible. How did you do it?” Then I end up teaching other people about the product rather than learning something new myself.

An example of that actually occurred very recently. We’re working with a contractor to do some SharePoint Portal Server stuff now. Their resume lists several customers that they’ve done Portal Server stuff for. Part of their introduction was me showing them what we currently have implemented. They were awed - they’ve never done anything on this scale yet. A lot of the stuff they didn’t even know you can do. I have a feeling I’ll be doing some teaching once this project gets under way.

Anyway, interactions like that are more value for them than me. So I’ll skip it this time. Maybe next time I’ll go.

Isn’t a week alone heaven for me? Actually, I don’t think it’ll be too bad in that respect. I might get a little bored since I’m used to interacting with Jenn when I’m home and whatnot, but I’ll do all right. I’ll call her on the phone or whatever. Plus, no Playstation! I think the biggest downside will be what to do in my off-time. Maybe I’ll have to head into downtown Seattle or something and cruise around. Or maybe I’ll finally get some decent reading time in. I’ve been working on The Sum of All Fears since Christmas.