Bring Out The Gimp

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Jenn went in for her cast yesterday but it turns out she has some weird burning/itching rash going on under the ACE bandage holding the splint on. She now has a different splint on and will be going back next week for the cast.

The doctor said he’s “never seen a break that straight.” I dunno. I’ve never really seen a break. I scanned her x-rays and will try to get them in here at some point. Kind of interesting.

Until she gets the cast - and probably even during the whole “cast time” - she gimps around the apartment, the one-armed bandit, only able to do a few things. She’s starting to get used to it, but shaving both armpits is apparently difficult if you can only use one hand. I had to laugh at that.

Since I’ve bitched enough about not getting any training, I think I may have worked myself into actually getting some more of the training classes I’ve been looking to get. If it all works out, I’ll end up legitimately trained to do the stuff I’m already doing. Why take classes on stuff I know a few things about? One, to fill in the gaps - I know a little about a lot of stuff, but I’m sure that a lot of the stuff I’m doing there has to be a better way for. Two, to solidify my current knowledge - I do things “my way” but if there’s a better (or even a “recommended”) way, I’d like to know.

Anyway, hoping that will make things easier.

Jenn and I are going tonight to see a sneak preview of Malibu’s Most Wanted, the new Jamie Kennedy movie that I think looks pretty funny. I figure, even if it’s not all that great, we’re getting in for free, so I really can’t complain too much.