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I had a long weekend - training Wednesday and Thursday, then I had Friday off because I worked Monday. It was nice and restful, and I wish every week (and weekend) could be as nice and stress-free as all that.

Thursday night Jenn and I went to see The Italian Job on free sneak preview. It was much better than I expected it to be - I expected a “pretty good” action movie, but I got a really cool action movie - so that was a big plus. Maybe if I get motivated I’ll write up a review on it.

Friday I went by myself to see The Matrix Reloaded because Jenn wasn’t interested in it and, frankly, I had nothing else to do. I had heard from several friends that this one wasn’t very good, especially considering the success of the original, and that I would be disappointed.

I didn’t have particularly high hopes going in anyway, and I think my hopes were lowered by my friends’ comments, so when I did end up seeing it, I was reasonably satisfied. I can see where folks would be disappointed - it was pretty “fluffy” as far as plot and whatnot, but I think in the telling of the story, everything said was necessary. I also think that they might be erring a bit on the philosophical side of things, now trying to involve the concepts of free will and destiny, whereas the first lingered primarily on the general concept of reality and what makes something real.

Anyway, again, if I get to it, I’ll review it.

Also on Friday I went to Blockbuster and rented Cube 2: Hypercube and National Security. Cube 2 (the sequel to the B-movie - you guessed it - Cube) was actually pretty good considering the whole thing essentially takes place in a single room. I recommend seeing the first one first, though, as the second one kind of builds on the ideas that the first one puts forth. National Security… I thought would be funnier. Instead it was a lot of Martin Lawrence comedic complaints about racism and I thought some of the jokes just got a little old and redundant. It was okay, but I’m glad I didn’t see it in the theater.

Then Friday night Jenn and I went to a “Casino Night” that her Job’s Daughters group was putting on. It was disorganized as all hell - we were still cutting out the fake money when people started showing up - but it was pretty fun. I ended up being a dealer at a blackjack table for most of the evening.

Now, keep in mind that the crowd attending the event was in the 12 to 20 year old range. There were a few parents, but by-and-large, we’ve got the teenage crowd, average age of 16, and the dress code was casual. Let me further add that, frankly, I don’t remember girls looking like that when I was in high school. So I have to say that it didn’t hurt that most of the time I was at this blackjack table dealing there was this 16-year-old girl with altogether too much cleavage pouring out of her shirt sitting across from me, leaning over her cards. (Before you psychos sic the police on me, it’s not like anything was happening - it’s just that the view really wasn’t killing me or anything.)

Oh, and Jenn noticed it, too, and said something about it to me before I said anything. So it wasn’t just me.

Saturday was an easy day. Jenn was at another Job’s Daughters event, so my dad came over and we rented the movie Below to watch and both of us enjoyed it thoroughly.

That evening, still before Jenn got home (she was gone all day!) my dad called and took me and my brother-in-law out to see X-Men 2. I have to say that the sequel here was vastly better than the first. The first X-Men left me kind of… “eh.” This second one made me want to see it again. Good stuff, and I’m glad I saw it.

Sunday I didn’t really do anything. Sat on my ass and watched DVDs all day long, worked on my beaded hat project, and generally just chilled out. Very relaxing.

All in all, the whole time was very stress-free and I wish I could continue that theme throughout the rest of my days but, alas, I must work so I can pay the bills. Perhaps retirement will offer me the peace I so desperately desire, but I’m thinking that it may just be a different type of stress entirely.

music comments edit

I was sitting, bored, waiting to get into The Italian Job, when I thought of some names for bands that I haven’t heard yet (but anticipate hearing about soon, I’m sure):

  • Metalfinger
  • Swagger
  • Big Boy Pants
  • Drama Queen
  • Slackinator

Plus, I’ve always thought that if I were to have a band, it would probably be called “The Industrial Consortium.” Any other good band names out there?

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It’s hot outside, the first day it’s been really hot this year. I’ve got my shorts on, I’ve got my t-shirt on, and I’m really not wanting to be at work. Good thing I’m in training tomorrow and Thursday, then off Friday.

I got a free sneak-preview pass to go see The Italian Job on Thursday. It’s been a while since I saw a movie in the theater, so it’ll be good. And free, so it meets my budgetary requirements.

I forgot to mention that my sister was up from school in Utah this weekend. She was picking up my parents’ old car (since they got a new one recently) and driving back to Utah with her friend. Of course, while she was here she had an ear infection bad enough to rupture her eardrum, so it wasn’t the most pleasant of trips. Good to see her, though, and I’m hoping she made it back safely.

Work is keeping me well over busy with the amount of stuff I’m working on. It’ll be nice to get some of these larger projects done so I can feel like I’ve accomplished something.

I’m thinking about it, and I haven’t heard from my friends Liz or Douglas lately. I should probably email them.

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There’s nobody else in my department today, and hardly anyone in the entire building.

Let me tell you how cool that is.

I don’t have anyone randomly stopping by to chat or interrupt me, I don’t have people in my way when I go get something to drink, and I can make a pot of coffee and I will be guaranteed to get a cup.

Plus, except for the white noise of the fans on the servers in my cube, the place is totally quiet. I don’t have to crank up my music to hear it, the phones aren’t ringing… and ringing… and ringing…

This is the life, I tell you.

personal comments edit

Memorial Day weekend. Eh. As you can see, I’m working Memorial Day, so it wasn’t really the three-day weekend that everyone else got. I’ll be taking Friday off instead, since I’ve got training Wednesday and Thursday and really didn’t feel like working Tuesday-Friday. I mean, how am I supposed to get stuff done like that? So I’m working Monday-Tuesday, training Wednesday-Thursday, then Friday off.

Really didn’t do much this weekend. After getting all of my bills together and ready to pay next weekend, I found that the amount of money for all the bills is roughly equivalent to the amount of take-home pay I’m getting, so we don’t have much of an entertainment budget. Let me tell you who can’t wait until Jenn picks up a decent paying job. It’s been a long time coming. Two weeks before she is finished with the unpaid externship.

We did rent Bad Boys and The Fast and The Furious. I hadn’t seen the former, and Jenn hadn’t seen the latter. Good to catch up on movies.

Aside from that, there was a lot of TV watching. At one point I was sitting watching the Food Network, which is sad in-and-of itself (unless it’s Emeril or Jacques Torres), when I realized the show was something like “The US Army Cook-Off.” That was pretty much my limit. We ended up going grocery shopping (yes, more money out of the pocket) because we didn’t have much to eat around the house.

While in the store, I noticed that there are lots of different snack foods around. Cheap, sugar filled foods. Not “snack” foods so much as “snak” foods. I think there’s a certain quality (or lack thereof) implied in words that intentionally misspell themselves. I mean, who wouldn’t want a tasty Snak Kake, right?

Oh, and we did a lot of cleaning around the house. We finally removed the weatherproofing plastic from around our bedroom window (so we can open it, because it’s getting hot) and we went through our closets to get rid of the clothes we never wear or the clothes that we wear waaaaay too often and really shouldn’t be worn anymore. I weeded out quite a bit of stuff, and now I need to go clothing shopping. With, you know, all that money I’ve got hanging around. Yeah, that’s the ticket.