New Work Schedule (Proposed)

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I’ve been working pretty hard on the latest revision for our company web site. At the same time, I’m getting some good experience learning about ASP.NET web applications, security, etc., so while it’s taking longer than I thought, it’s a good (though arduous) experience. Hopefully I’ve got everything set up now so that it’ll be easy to extend and make global changes to.

So I’m sitting at my desk yesterday, exhausted from fighting with several problems with an app I’m working on, and it’s lunch time, so I pull out my book… and promptly start to snooze. No big, right? It’s lunch, after all.

My boss comes in, sees my snoozage, and says, “You know, you’ve been working pretty hard and it looks like you could use the afternoon off. Get outta here.”

I’m not one to question that, so I packed up and got the hell out.

By the time I got home I had a raring headache and my equilibrium was pretty much shot. I decided it was naptime.

Three hours of nap later, I got up, went shopping/ran errands, and came home.

10:00p, went to bed. Up this morning at 6:15a. I’m feeling great!

So, I thought about this - taking a good long afternoon nap in addition to my regular sleep hours not only refreshes me, but puts me in a good mood. So I think I need to propose a new work schedule.

First, I’m going to be in training roughly every-other-week for the next month or two. Being in training is sort of like a vacation because the stress of work isn’t there even though your brain is still working. I love that break, so I think I need to keep that in the proposed schedule.

The new schedule would look like this:

  • Every other week - training (or vacation)
  • I’m not really fond of Mondays, and Fridays everyone should have off, so only Tuesdays through Thursdays
  • Half days on work days so I can get my nap in

I think that’s pretty good. I could probably work that schedule without complaint. Or, well, with less complaint.

You know how some people say, “If I win the lottery, I’m still going to come to work?” Fuck that. If I win the lottery, I’m fucking quitting. I need a prolonged state of vacation.