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My original plan was to rent a U-Haul truck, move the small stuff myself, then hire some guys to come and load/unload the heavy stuff.

After calculating it out, it would only cost a couple hundred more bucks to get a full-service outfit to do the whole thing (minus packing).

So I called up and canceled my truck rental reservation and now the moving company will show up at 9:00a, truck and all, ready to go. I just need to be supervisory/moral support and the work will all be done for me. That’s exactly how I like it. Hopefully this will take the sucky lameness out of moving so I can focus on the positive portion of things. Plus, these guys are hooking me up with some boxes, so I can start the packing process right away. I like that.

I’ve contacted my apartment complex to get the paint color I need to repaint my walls to (we have a cobalt blue wall in the living room that Jenn and I painted up) and it turns out they’re just going to leave us some paint to use, so we just have to go get some primer and a couple of rollers. Good deal.

Finally, the escrow company mailed me a receipt for my earnest money check, so I know that’s all going according to plan.

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I’ve scheduled the home inspection for this coming Friday, March 12th. It’ll end up costing me $270 for that (I have a coupon for $35 off), but it’s money well spent. Greg says he’s seen great looking deals go south because of the results of an inspection, but you know, that’s why you get the inspection in the first place - to ensure there’s nothing wrong.

It’s a pretty new house (2001) so I don’t anticipate anything going wrong, but you never know.

Apparently these things take like three hours. Looks like I’ll be taking a half-day on Friday.

On another note, several folks have been asking for pictures of the new place and maybe some specs. What I’ll do is take some pictures during the inspection (hey, what else am I gonna do for three hours?) and then post them up here with some specs. I’d point you all to the RMLS listing for the house, but it’s been taken down.

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It’s turning out that, while searching for the house was the most grueling part of the process, the coordination of all of the post-offer efforts is like a novelty plate-spinning act. This weekend I scheduled a U-Haul truck for the move. Thus far today, I have:

  • Locked down an interest rate on my 80% conventional loan
  • Called the insurance company to get my homeowner’s policy started (I now have a questionnaire to fill out)
  • Turned in my earnest money check ($5000… that’s a large check)
  • Contacted my mortgage broker and received a new Good Faith Estimate based on the tax and homeowner’s insurance numbers I know
  • Scheduled time off for the Monday and Tuesday we’re moving
  • Called the house inspector and left a message to schedule the inspection
  • Got recommendations on a moving company so I can schedule that

That’s all just one day. There’s a lot more to go, too - this is just the beginning. Jenn asked me if I thought the time would go by quickly or slowly and I’m saying quickly; there’s not enough time to schedule and coordinate everything.

You know how they have wedding planners that take care of orchestrating weddings? They need to have home-buying planners that take care of all the steps involved with buying a home. From picking the mortgage broker and the realtor to getting the U-Haul together and the house inspection done. There’s your million-dollar business idea for the day.

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I went last night to see a house that looked reasonable from the pictures and had decent stats on paper. Jenn called me on my way there and said she got out of work early so she’d be able to make it, too, which is not something I expected.

We (Jenn, myself, and the realtor) all got to the house at the same time, about 5:30p.


For the price, you can’t beat it. Great neighborhood, beautiful yard (not too big, not too small, well cared for), central heat/air conditioning, four bedrooms and a bonus room, 2340 square feet… just awesome. And seeing as how it was only on the market for a day, we figured it was a pretty safe bet no one had beaten us to it.

We went back to the realtor’s office and called the seller’s realtor. Found out an offer had been placed on the house at 4:00p that day (so we only missed it by a couple of hours) but the seller’s realtor hadn’t looked at that offer yet and would consider our offer simultaneously with the offer that had just come in.

We crafted up an offer, tried to make it look appealing (not so appealing that I’m wasting money or anything, but enough that it will hopefully look better than the first offer), and now…

… we wait.

We put an expiration time on the offer of 3:00p today. That gives them three hours to debate amongst themselves on the offer but not leave us hanging. So I should know something by this afternoon.

I woke up this morning at 4:30a and couldn’t go back to sleep. I’m too anxious. I’m hoping I can retain a reasonable amount of concentration today.