Loan Approved

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I got word yesterday that my home loan was officially approved. The paperwork is being wrapped up and sent to the title company for closing. One step closer!

In other news, the packing is going reasonably well. We’ve got a lot of the books and appliances and things we don’t use daily boxed up, but there’s still a long way to go. Tomorrow I’m going to have to get a couple of large boxes for framed artwork, so that’ll mean a trip to U-Haul. Once we get the art off the wall in the living room, we’ll set about repainting it (it’s cobalt blue now; it needs to be white when we leave). To that end, we’ll be picking up some primer tonight at the store.

Jenn thinks we’re working way too far ahead of the packing game as it stands. I think, though, that it’s more accurate to say we’re right on schedule. What I’m trying to avoid is the stressful mad-dash-of-packing at the last minute. What I’d rather have is one or two boxes packed each night until all that’s left that last weekend we’re in the apartment is the stuff we use on an absolutely daily basis. Especially since we’ll be busy most of next Saturday with a pyrotechnician training class.