A lot of random thoughts coming through here.

Flip-flops are quite possibly the worst footwear ever designed. Ever. I don’t care how hot the girl is, if she’s wearing flip-flops, she’s disqualified. Flip-flops with jeans is the worst. If you’re not on the beach, walking to the beach, or coming home from the beach, you should not be wearing flip-flops. Period.

I really don’t understand how the Winter Hawks, who have been the picture of mediocrity all season long, can kick the ass of the best team in our division one night, then turn around and lose horribly to the worst team in the division. Except for the folks that sit next to us and the occasional fight, I don’t feel like I’ve gotten my money’s worth this season.

Speaking of the people who sit next to us… there are two 50/50 raffles at each home game (for those unaware, a “50/50 raffle” is where they sell a bunch of raffle tickets and the winner takes home half of the total money collected; thus, the more people who buy tickets, the larger the prize is) supporting the players’ education fund. The people next to us, Tim and Barb, each buy a ticket for each raffle every game - that’s $4 per game. At 36 home games, you’re looking at $144 every season just for raffle tickets. I can’t tell you how many seasons we’ve gone where they don’t win a dime. Luck changed for them this weekend, though, where they won two nights in a row. I guess I can’t give them shit for being losers anymore now, can I?

Spent Friday night watching the Hawks win, then Saturday Jenn and I ran around doing errands, visiting parents, etc.

Saturday night Stuart and Tiffany came over and we played “Dirty Minds” and “Apples To Apples.” “Dirty Minds” was fun but went altogether too quickly. Like, to the point where we wondered if we were somehow playing it wrong. Most times you wouldn’t even get a second turn. “Apples To Apples” is a blast, though, and I could see how it would be even better with more people (with only four of us, games went reasonably quickly, but were still great fun).

Sunday I spent most of the day cleaning my car, which desperately needed it. I washed it, waxed it (two coats), vacuumed, put Rain-X on the windshield, washed the inside windows, wiped the seats down with leather protectant, and dusted. Yes, it took most of the day.

Sunday evening we watched the Hawks snatch defeat from the jaws of victory in an amazing 3 - 1 loss. The guy behind me decided that he wanted to do one of those really high-pitched, shrill whistles at every good play. Normally I wouldn’t be too mad, but we are right in front of the glass, so not only does it hit me from behind, but bounces off the glass and hits me from in front, making it doubly loud. I asked the guy nicely to stop. Yeah, that worked really well.

This morning coming in I cut this lady off who decided to tailgate me for a mile and then switch lanes and pace me in my blind spot for another mile. I turned on my signal and switched lanes. She had to slam on the brakes, of course, then zoomed up on my other side and attempted to cuss me out. Unfortunately for her, I don’t read lips. Sorry, bitch. Can’t help you. I let the tailgating go… but don’t pace me in my blind spot. I hate that.

I still believe that Roomba is the bomb. Roomba has vacuumed our house since it showed up, and it definitely does a way better job than I do. Plus, the novelty factor is huge. I love it, the cat loves it (and chases it around the house). Awesome.

Turns out they have something called the “RoboMower” that looks a lot like Roomba for your lawn. I watched the video on it and it looks really cool. Wired News has an article, too. I may have to look at these.

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I’ve got some cool ideas for things I want to do on my website, but it looks like in order for me to do them with the skillz I have (reads: not PHP), I need to change my blog software.

This would be the third time I’ve done so, moving from Greymatter to pMachine, and this time to dasBlog.

My only blocking factor is that there’s no pMachine to dasBlog conversion utility, so I’m going to have to write one. Just what I needed - something else to take up my spare time.

I just got a call from the TV repair facility and they’ve finally been authorized to replace the tube in my television. Of course, they aren’t coming to pick it up until the 29th of this month… but at least they’re finally going to be fixing it.

I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. It’s dim, but it’s there now.

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I sent a letter to the TV repair company and National Electronics Warranty (NEW) because it has been so long since I heard about who’s fixing my TV or what’s happening there. I sent that letter on Thursday of last week, March 4. The TV repair company responded and said they’d continue pinging NEW for approval on the repair, but NEW wasn’t responsive.

It’s almost a week later and I still haven’t heard from NEW, so I called them. According to them, there was some sort of communication breakdown between them and the TV repair company where NEW was waiting for additional information from the TV repair folks, but the TV repair people were waiting for authorization from NEW. No one was talking to anyone.

While I was on hold, the guy at NEW called the TV repair people and got things straightened out. Now they want an additional three to five business days to go through approval. Because it hasn’t already been through that?

Anyway, now they’re going to figure out whether to replace the tube or just get me a new TV altogether.

This crap irritates me. Someone should be on top of this stuff. Unbelieveable. I guess we’ll see what happens next week when their time is up.

With our new dishwasher in the house, we no longer have the problem where our cups and glasses get “etched” because of crappy wash cycle, so we decided to get some new glasses.

I love huge glasses. Like, pint or larger is perfect. We found a set of pub glasses at Linens ‘N Things that are 20 oz. glasses. Love it. We threw ‘em in the new dishwasher, washed ‘em, and they look spectacular.

Got one out to use it for the first time last night. We have one of those refrigerators that has the water in the door. I wanted a glass of water. Pub glasses to the rescue!

Turns out, maybe these glasses are a little too big. Here’s a diagram (not to scale) of what I’m talking about.

My glass is too

No matter how I twist or turn that thing, I can’t get it in the door far enough to hit the button to get the water out. I actually have to reach my finger in there to depress the button.

I suppose that’s a small price to pay, but I won’t say I’m not a little peeved. I didn’t consider having to buy glasses based on the size of the opening in the refrigerator door. Bah!