Roomba Acting Up

I’ve had my Roomba for about a month now and I love it. Thing is, it’s starting to act up a bit I’m not sure if it’s just dirty or if it’s actually malfunctioning.

Roomba has these “virtual wall” units that shoot out a beam of infrared light and when Roomba detects that light, it won’t cross through it. The virtual wall transmitter seems to shoot the beam a little wide, like plus or minus 15 degrees from center. Starting last night, Roomba seems to be picking up on this IR more on the order of plus or minus 45 degrees from center, which is really hosing things as far as its ability to clean. Use a virtual wall and Roomba goes nuts.

I’m hoping it’s just in need of a cleaning. I downloaded some troubleshooting tips for cleaning the thing and I’ll try that out tonight. If it doesn’t work, I guess I’ll be contacting customer service.