The new TV rocks. Watched it last night and it’s just awesome. Love it.

On the other hand, Roomba has decided to start wandering erratically and not quite functioning right. I notified the Roomba support folks and they’re going to send me a whole new Roomba.

I have yet to be disappointed by Roomba customer service. They’re really cool there and just want to resolve your issue.

Maybe this is a little of my bad karma coming back to haunt me? Get the TV fixed and Roomba breaks? Eh. I can handle it.

vs, personal comments edit

Looks like Scott’s posted his updated tool list, and there’s some great stuff on there if I do say so myself.

I noticed I got a shout-out, which is all too kind of him, and a few of my tools made it on the list, including:



Fusion Log Settings Changer

Junction Icon Overlay

.NET Command Prompt Everywhere

If you like those, check out the rest of the Software/Downloads category for other stuff I’ve got. My content here isn’t always technical in nature, but sometimes I can pull out a good code snippet or two.