coderush, vs comments edit

Previously the CR_Documentor plugin made its way into the Visual Studio Hacks site in an article called “Ask The Pros: Visual Studio .NET Addins.” Today it makes it in with its own dedicated article. That totally rocks!

I noted in the article that one of the downsides of CR_Documentor mentioned is the lack of support for included files. Not to worry; I’ve been noodling on how to make this work in a performant fashion. Not forgotten, just not quite here yet. There are other things I want to add, too, like the little gray box that shows the method signature in the doc and so forth. We’ll see what we can do.

Something the article doesn’t mention is the context menu that gets added to the code editor with CR_Documentor. It adds a lot of helpful commands that allow you to expand/collapse the XML comment blocks in your document, convert text blocks into XML comments, XML encode selected text, and insert XML comment block templates (among other things).

If you haven’t already, check out CR_Documentor.

aspnet comments edit

I just got a copy of Professional ASP.NET 2.0 and now I’m thinking it’s time to put some of the skills I’ll be learning from it to use. Stu and I have talked about writing our own blog software because none of the packages out there really do all the things we want, so maybe this is the time to step up and learn this stuff. It’s always better to learn when you have a project you’re working on (otherwise it’s just aimless and nothing seems to get done).

Time to start reading, eh?