iRobot Customer Support Rocks

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I called iRobot customer support today regarding the charger issue I’ve had for the last couple of days. I’ve had to contact iRobot customer support before when my Roomba was doing some weird things and they sent me a whole new Roomba, no problem. This time they’re sending me a whole new charger and home base for the Roomba. The guy I spoke with, Chris, was totally nice and easy going, not condescending or annoying like many support folks you talk to. The fact that they’re just sending me a replacement unit speaks volumes, too. (Besides the fact that it sort of tells you how much profit margin must be built into these things, it also tells you that they really want their products to succeed and be used.)

Right on, iRobot. Thanks for doing support right.

One thing: If you’re going to contact them, contact them via phone. They can’t solve much via email and most times they just tell you to call them. Just so you know.

Of course, now my cordless drill battery charger is dead. I’m just having bad luck with battery chargers lately, I guess. It’d cost me $30 to replace the charger, but that’s how much the drill cost me, and since I can get a new, better drill (with two batteries included!) for $70, I guess I’ll be donating this one and getting me a new one.