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You are Geordi LaForge

You work well with others and often fix problems quickly. Your romantic relationships are often bungled.

  • Geordi LaForge: 75%
  • Jean-Luc Picard: 70%
  • James T. Kirk (Captain): 65%
  • An Expendable Character (Redshirt): 65%
  • Leonard McCoy (Bones): 60%
  • Spock: 50%
  • Beverly Crusher : 45%
  • Data: 45%
  • Mr. Scott: 40%
  • Will Riker: 40%
  • Deanna Troi: 40%
  • Chekov: 35%
  • Worf: 30%
  • Uhura: 25%
  • Mr. Sulu: 15%

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I’ve been so busy lately, I totally spaced writing up the weekend. It was nice and we did our best to relax, so we intentionally didn’t do too much. As such, I’ll try to keep it short.

Friday night we went out with some friends of ours, Jason, Tracy, and Adam, and had some Mexican food for dinner. After that, we went back to their place and, totally trashed, proceeded to kick their sorry asses at Scene It. I am the KING.

Saturday there was a lot of sleeping. I’ve been pretty stressed out lately and Saturday I think it caught up with me. I got up late and didn’t do a whole lot. Oh, that’s right - Jenn and I got a copy of Halo 2 and we’re playing through cooperatively so she can get her skills up to speed and put the smack down on my dad next time we’re all playing online.

Sunday we went to Fry’s and I bought Burnout Revenge and The Outfit. Both were totally on sale, so I got a pretty good deal. Brought them home, and both are good fun. Entertainment budget well spent.

Monday we took a gaming break and just hung out. We ended up heading to the movies and saw X-Men 3, and I thought it was at least as good as the second one, if not better. I recommend it, and didn’t feel cheated paying full evening price for it.

That’s about it. Got back to work Tuesday, just that much further behind, and now I’m crawling my way through the week, trying not to let The Man get me down, so to speak. We’re moving at quite the breakneck pace trying to get things done, though, and I’m feeling pretty damn burned out. Vacation doesn’t help, either. Something’s gotta give.

I, as well as the majority of the geek population, love the movie Blade Runner. Love it.

The thing is, though, when I fell in love with it, I fell in love with the original theatrical version - the one with the voice-over and modified “happy ending.” The Blade Runner purists will argue that wasn’t as good, that the Director’s Cut was much better as it stuck closer to Ridley Scott’s original vision. That’s all fine and good, but it’s akin to fighting over who the best James Bond was - generally speaking, you’re going to like the Bond whose movies you saw first. (I’m for Pierce Brosnan, but I used to be a Roger Moore man. Alas, that’s another blog entry.) I liked the voice-over. I liked the happy ending. I thought the Deckard-is-a-replicant thing was dumb. I thought the unicorn thing was dumb.

(And for the record, no version was like the book, so we won’t even go there.)

The problem is, they only released the Director’s Cut on DVD. If you want to see the original version, you have to go to Blockbuster and rent the one copy of the videotape that they have and try to watch it in its half-demagentized state (if someone hasn’t just stolen the tape altogether).

My problems are solved. According to Sci Fi Wire, they’re going to press a new DVD with a remastered version of the original Director’s Cut; create a new Director’s Cut (the “Final Cut”), release that to theaters in 2007; and issue a special-edition DVD after that with three versions of the film: remastered Director’s Cut, expanded international theatrical version, and original theatrical version.

My day just got made.