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Lots of change in recent times has brought about some new discoveries and new fun favorite things. Here are a few of the things Jenn and I have gotten into lately.

Simple Italian
Sandwiches Panini: My sister and brother-in-law got us an ice cream maker for a late wedding/Christmas gift, but Jenn and I are too fat already so we ended up taking it back to Williams-Sonoma to see what else they have we might need. While there, I saw this cookbook and somehow got an insatiable craving for panini. Within the next two days we got a panini grill and are now addicted to panini.

I Love New
York I Love New York: If you thought Flavor of Love was a train wreck of global proportions, you have to see the spin-off I Love New York. The contestant we all love to hate is back, and she’s got her own show. I can’t even begin to describe it, and I can’t tear my eyes off the screen.

Gears of
War Gears of War: I got this game for Christmas and am loving it. I haven’t gotten online yet - I’m waiting to get through the single player campaign and hone my mad skillz a bit first - but even the single player campaign is great.

Lego Star Wars
II Lego Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy: Jenn and I can’t play games together because we are far too competitive, but this one seems to work. I got it for Jenn for Christmas and it’s hella fun.

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I updated the DHTML tooltip script to allow peaceful coexistence of my DHTML tooltips and the Amazon “Product Previews” link enhancement script, but I’m having issues getting everything to work together on my site. In a very simple page - the example included with the DHTML tooltip script - everything rocks. On my blog, everything works great in Firefox 2.0. In IE 7, I get all sorts of weird artifacts - the CSS on the page goes nuts, making the titles of my articles look different; the Product Preview that pops up is entirely missing the product title and sometimes other things; and a JavaScript error pops up telling me that there’s a “syntax error” (but doesn’t provide much information beyond that).

I’ve sent a note to Amazon to ask for help. Hopefully they can hook me up.

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This latest adds support for the DHTML tooltip script to co-exist with the Amazon “link-enhancer” script that has been released. The Amazon script takes precedence; links that have been modified by the Amazon script will be bypassed by the DHTML tooltip script. Tooltips that explicitly make use of the DHTML tooltip script will still function properly, and Amazon links not modified by the Amazon “link-enhancer” script will still be updated by the DHTML tooltip script as always.

Go get it!

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What can I say about 2006? I think about it and it reminds me of A Tale of Two Cities - “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.” Some of the stuff I blogged, some I didn’t, but let’s see if we can recap some of the major happenings.

In January, I ended my three year stint of taking allergy shots. I still have some minor troubles now and then, but nothing like it used to be. I put it to the test when we went karaoke-ing at a local pub, marking it as the best time I’ve ever had at a karaoke bar.

In February, Stu and I invented “units” - running up against a video game for sometimes hours on end. Jenn and I started working out to try and look good for the wedding (and it didn’t totally fail, but it didn’t really succeed, either).

In March, following a great run at Paper Mario, I went to the Corillian Casino Night and had a blast. We saw the Cirque du Soleil show, Varekai, and we decided a lot of stuff surrounding the wedding (like catering). I also went to a really great Peer Mentoring seminar and learned a lot of stuff I use all the time.

April found Stu entirely addicted to coffee in a week (which we’d find out would end a few months later after he decided it was really kicking his ass). I got further into some fun board games, switched to cable phone service, and got my Xbox 360. We rounded the month off with the 24: Season 1 marathon. April also found Stu and Tiff getting divorced, which, while I didn’t blog it and won’t go too far into it, was an unfortunate occurrence for them that affected Jenn and I far more than I think either of them realized. This was actually quite a turning point for a lot of things. I’m sorry it had to happen, and I wish things would have worked out.

In May I spent a lot of time playing Tomb Raider: Legend and my dad got an Xbox 360 (though he’s rarely on it, which sucks). It was all to be overshadowed with my granddad passing after a bout of cancer. I still think about him all the time and miss him very much.

In June not a lot happened beyond some experimentation with scripting and contact information and a round of rototilling at home. I did take a bad drink in there, but I wouldn’t really qualify that as “eventful” as much as just gross.

July was much more eventful. My sister, Tori, got married to a really cool guy named Brandon (congrats again!); Jenn and I did our usual pyrotechnics at the sewage treatment plant; I turned 30 and had a great birthday (even though my Xbox 360 died and had to be sent in for repair); and my stinking dad got me hooked on R/C helicopters so I had to spend a lot of money.

In August we got our sprinkler system installed. I got my Xbox 360 back and discovered the lameness that is Xbox Live Digital Rights Management. We got the house trim painted, but it didn’t turn out too great and had to be fixed. Stu’s parents came to visit and it was great to finally meet them in person and talk, even if they couldn’t stay very long. I also went a little aggro because people just don’t understand the need for RSVPs when planning a wedding.

September started off with a fun, unit-filled Labor Day weekend. I didn’t (and still don’t) get Sandcastle and think Microsoft should have just taken NDoc over. I got myself a PSP (love it!) and discovered the awesomeness that is TypeMock.

October began with my bachelor party in Vegas, one of the best times I’ve ever had. I saw the Cirque show KA while I was there, front row center, and it absolutely rocked. The month peaked when Jenn and I got married and went to Aruba.

November was fairly uneventful, which was fine since October was exactly the opposite, and ended with a fairly lame Thanksgiving (my least favorite holiday).

December started off slow, but things definitely started happening toward the middle of the month when we were hit with a city-wide blackout. I also wrote about some of the cool gadgets I use to help me keep the house clean. The month took a definite downturn as Jenn’s fat kitty got sick and had to be put down. That cast a shadow on Christmas, making it sort of hard to have a great time the way you really should during the holiday.

I took the last two weeks of the year off and started back to work on the third of January, 2007, after taking a while to recover from Jason and Tracy’s yearly New Year’s bash (which was a load of fun where I proved once again that I am an unstoppable force at Scene It! and where I successfully avoided getting conned into going streaking). Stu was there, but ditched after showing up fairly late and only hanging out for about an hour - just as we were starting to play games. He missed out on a great time.

2006 was a pretty stressful year. A lot happened, both good and bad, and I’m really not sure where 2007 will lead. Friends I thought were really tight with me have drifted (extremely suddenly and fairly inexplicably) away. I find that unfortunate, particularly as I’m sure they don’t actually realize it. Or maybe that’s just the way things go. Friends that had drifted away over the course of the years have come back and are just as much fun as ever, albeit slightly changed over time. Things I thought would become regular traditions turned out to be more important to me than to other folks, and things I never thought would happen came to pass.

Regardless, the past is past and what’s happened has happened. On to 2007, whatever it holds in store.