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It’s been a few years since I’ve upgraded the ol’ PC and I’m thinking the next time I do it, I will probably get a laptop. I don’t generally upgrade individual components on my machine - lack of time, money, and energy, you see - and it’d be nice to be able to sit in the living room and watch a little TV or whatever while I’m answering emails and such.

I found the laptop I need this morning:

Is this Dr. Evil's

I’m all about the giant button and arbitrary LED readout. Oh hell yes. Pair this with the self destruction button USB hub and you’re gooooooooooold.

Go check the laptop out! (via BoingBoing)

General Ramblings comments edit

Lots of change in recent times has brought about some new discoveries and new fun favorite things. Here are a few of the things Jenn and I have gotten into lately.

Simple Italian
Sandwiches Panini: My sister and brother-in-law got us an ice cream maker for a late wedding/Christmas gift, but Jenn and I are too fat already so we ended up taking it back to Williams-Sonoma to see what else they have we might need. While there, I saw this cookbook and somehow got an insatiable craving for panini. Within the next two days we got a panini grill and are now addicted to panini.

I Love New
York I Love New York: If you thought Flavor of Love was a train wreck of global proportions, you have to see the spin-off I Love New York. The contestant we all love to hate is back, and she’s got her own show. I can’t even begin to describe it, and I can’t tear my eyes off the screen.

Gears of
War Gears of War: I got this game for Christmas and am loving it. I haven’t gotten online yet - I’m waiting to get through the single player campaign and hone my mad skillz a bit first - but even the single player campaign is great.

Lego Star Wars
II Lego Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy: Jenn and I can’t play games together because we are far too competitive, but this one seems to work. I got it for Jenn for Christmas and it’s hella fun.

javascript comments edit

I updated the DHTML tooltip script to allow peaceful coexistence of my DHTML tooltips and the Amazon “Product Previews” link enhancement script, but I’m having issues getting everything to work together on my site. In a very simple page - the example included with the DHTML tooltip script - everything rocks. On my blog, everything works great in Firefox 2.0. In IE 7, I get all sorts of weird artifacts - the CSS on the page goes nuts, making the titles of my articles look different; the Product Preview that pops up is entirely missing the product title and sometimes other things; and a JavaScript error pops up telling me that there’s a “syntax error” (but doesn’t provide much information beyond that).

I’ve sent a note to Amazon to ask for help. Hopefully they can hook me up.