Dog Day Evening

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Saturday found Jenn and me going to Laserport with Jason, Tracy, and Adam for a couple of rounds of laser tag. (My legs are killing me today, indicating that I clearly do not get enough exercise - a fact I’m well aware of but somehow never really do anything about.) Laser tag is hella fun and our team put the good ol’ smack down on anyone we faced.

Only thing beyond that notable for Saturday: We got stuck behind this fairly inconsiderate driver who turned right in front of us when they had the red light and a sign posted for them saying “no turn on red.” This is the first time I’ve actually been prompted to file a complaint against someone on Platewire.

Sunday was relaxing pretty much up until the very end. Jenn and I cleaned up some clutter that needed to be dealt with, we played some video games, and we ran a few errands. No big deal. We were enjoying the time until about 8:30p, when we were about to start watching a movie and heard this terribly loud barking coming from behind the house.

Now, we’ve had to talk to the neighbors before about their barking dog, but they really reined it in and it hasn’t been a problem for a long time. This time, though, was far worse than any of the other times - it was extra loud and the dog was whining, crying, and barking all at the same time.

Irritated, I opened up my back curtains to see what was going on and there was a beagle puppy in my back yard. No collar, no license, just running around barking and whining.

Jenn and I went outside to see how it got in. The gate into the yard was closed, there were no holes under the fence, and all the boards were in place - it didn’t get through the fence. We really don’t know how it got there, but we’re figuring someone dropped it into our yard. Fantastic.

Meanwhile, my cat’s tail is as big around as a soda can. She’s freaked out, alternating between stalking the dog through the window and hiding under the couch. To alleviate a little of that, we took the dog around the house and into the garage.

Here’s the problem: It’s late and animal control is closed to the public. Unless it’s attacking or it’s got a license, you’re stuck until morning. What do you do?

You call the sheriff’s office and they send an officer out to pick it up, that’s what.

Of course, if either Jenn or I went inside, the dog would whine and bark; if we were both outside with it, it was fine (albeit a little hyperactive). So we were stuck sitting in the garage with this dog that someone dropped off in the yard, waiting for the police to come get it. We fed it some chicken (it was super hungry) and gave it some water while we waited. It took about an hour and a half before the officer showed up to get it. Let me tell you, there was some serious magazine reading going on.

So we’re dog-free once again this morning, which is fine by me. I hope the dog finds a good home (I’m sure he will - he was cute), but mine is not that home.