Scripts for Managing Azure Container Registry

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I’ve been doing some work with creating and migrating Azure Container Registry instances around lately so I thought I’d share a few helpful scripts. Obvious disclaimers - YMMV, works on my machine, I’m not responsible if you delete something you shouldn’t have, etc.


I need to create container registries that have customer managed key support enabled. Unfortunately, there are a lot of steps to this and there are some things that aren’t obvious, like:

  • You need to use the “Premium” SKU for this to work.
  • The Key Vault and the thing being encrypted using customer managed keys (e.g., the container registry) need to be in the same subscription and geographic region. They only say this in the docs about VM disk encryption but it seems to be applicable to all CMK usage.

Normally I’d think about doing this with something like Terraform but as of this writing, Terraform doesn’t have support for ACR + CMK so… script it is.


This is more a “pruning” operation than deleting, but “prune” isn’t an approved PowerShell verb and I do love me some PowerShell.

In a CI/CD environment, generally you want to keep:

  • The current successfully deployed image.
  • The previous successfully deployed image.
  • The image you want to deploy next (canary style).

…and, actually, that’s about it. CI/CD is fail-forward, so there’s not really a roll-back-three-versions case. You’d roll back the code and build a new container.

Point being, there’s not really a retention policy that handles this in ACR right now. While this script also doesn’t totally handle it the way I’d like, what it can do is keep the most recent X tags of an image and prune all the old ones. I also added a way to regex match a container repository by name so you can be more precise about targeting what you want to prune.


This is sort of a bulk copy operation for ACR. For reasons I won’t get into, I needed to copy all the images off an ACR, delete/re-create the ACR, and copy them all back. While the az CLI supports importing one image/tag at a time, there’s not really a bulk copy. There’s a ‘transfer artifacts’ mechanism but it’s sort of complex to set up and the az CLI is already here, so…

This script gets all the repositories and all the tags from each repository and does az acr import on all of them. It’s not fast, but it gets the job done.