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Record year this year despite Halloween being on a weekday. The weather was pretty nice, which I’m guessing made it more amenable to be out, but otherwise I’m not sure why we got such a boost. We even shut down half an hour early - at 8:00p instead of 8:30p - to get Phoenix to bed. (We had a couple of kids knock after we shut the lights off, so you see those in that final time block.)

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</tr> </thead> </table> The costume this year was a BioShock splicer. ![Travis as a splicer](https://www.paraesthesia.com/images/20131101_splicer.jpg) Jenn didn't get her costume done, but is working on a splicer costume for the Halloween party we're attending this weekend. Phoenix was, at various points, a fairy; a princess; and Merida from *Brave*. People in general were much more pleasant this year, but it probably helped that Phoenix was the one handing out the candy most of the time. It's hard to be pissed off with a two year old fairy putting candy in your bag. Even the older kids who are usually sort of belligerent got really friendly. Plus, Phoe had a great time with it and talked to all of them like they were best friends. This was also Phoe's first trick-or-treat year. She went to Jenn's work, my mom's work, and my work; and she also ran up and down our block. There's more candy at our house than we know what to do with, and she had a total blast.
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