Bonding Over Doctor Who

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I admit, I have sort of a love-hate relationship with my toddler. I love her so much and she’s so cute and friendly and fun… when she’s in a good mood. When she’s in a bad mood, or doing her “testing boundaries” thing, I want to throttle her.

Where I’m going with that is that I look for things that we can both enjoy together – activities we can sort of “bond” over, where we’re both having a good time. Sometimes this means racing hippity-hop balls around the house, but I can’t really run around for hours (or let her ride my back for hours) like she wants, so finding “quieter” activities is good.

Jenn usually gives Phoe her phone on the way home from day care so Phoe can pick whatever she wants to watch from Netflix. Phoe has now taken to watching Doctor Who of her own volition. She’ll scroll around and look for it.

So the new quiet activity now is watchingDoctor Who together. “Daddy, I watch Doctor with you. We watch Doctor together.” Yes, yes we will.

I’ll get her a cup of juice, get myself a Coke or something, and we’ll sit down and watch an episode. She’ll reach her cup over and go, “Cheers!” and we’ll clink together and drink.

She likes to point out the characters. “That’s the Doctor, Daddy.” Yes, that’s the Doctor. “That’s Martha. She doctor, too.” Yes, Martha’s a doctor, too, but not the same kind of doctor. (We’re heading out of third season into fourth.) “Oh, Daddy, he bad guy. Doctor need stop the bad guy.” The Doctor will get him, honey. You know he will. “Cheers!” *clink*

And when one episode ends: “We watch that again, Daddy!” Good girl. My job here is done.