Easier Subtext Maintenance

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Last year about this time I posted a database maintenance page that I created for cleaning up Subtext database things. Since then I’ve upgraded to Subtext and, while the old page still works, my blog has become more popular so the referral cleanup is more difficult. There are so many records coming in that even with a long timeout set, there’s too much and the delete operation times out. That leaves a huge amount of junk in the transaction log and is just problems.

I updated the page so you can select which referrers you want to delete using a checkbox list and the number of referrals deleted at any given time is 1000 so you don’t have to worry about the timeout issue. Again, this page will let you:

  • Clear the error log. Yes, you can do this from the error log page, too, but it’s nice to have all of this in a central location.
  • See how many referrals you have in your database vs. how many of those are from search engines. The page lists out what qualifies as a search engine or spam referral so you’ll know what this means. It’s basically just a list of expressions that the page tries to match the URL against - nothing fancy. This new version only shows you the matches from the selected search engines, though.
  • Remove search engine referrals from the referral log. Qualifying spam referrals are also removed.
  • Reindex the referrals table and shrink the database. Do that after you clear out the garbage referrals.
  • See some size statistics on your database.

Download the zip file, then drop the enclosed ASPX page in your Subtext “Admin” folder. It’s an administration page so you do have to be logged in as an admin to use it. It doesn’t add any navigation links to the admin site, so you do need to manually enter the URL to the page to get to it.

[Download SubtextDatabaseMaintenance2105.zip]