Christmas Tree Longevity Concerns

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We put up our fake, pre-lit Christmas tree this past weekend in preparation for the holidays. It looked a little sad once we got it up because it’s seen better days. The whole bottom row of branches was bent down very noticeably due to our three cats running around the base and riding the branches.

The evening we put it up, we went to bed and I had to get up around midnight because it sounded almost like someone breaking in. Really loud clinking of the ornaments. Came downstairs to find three ornaments on the floor in the hallway, one of which had been pulled clean off its hook. I replaced the ornaments, but higher than they were before so they wouldn’t be tempting. I have a feeling the entire bottom third of the tree will be bare before we hit Christmas.

Tree longevity is definitely a concern. I came downstairs this morning and heard a tinkle-tinkle sound and suddenly I saw our largest boy cat come from out of nowhere and land on all four feet. I don’t know where he was - near the tree, in the tree, or whatever, but I know wherever he came from, he jumped out. He wasn’t just standing there.

The star doesn’t stay on top of the tree straight. I’m not sure why. Probably the weight of it combined with the cats moving the tree around. Yesterday evening it was rotated all the way around so it looked like we put it on backwards. I’m not even sure how that happened.

The tree skirt is pretty much just a tangled wad of fabric around the base of the tree. It’s not worth fixing anymore because the second you do there are three cats running around it as fast as they can go… and then it’s wound around the base of the tree.

The bottom row of branches now touches the ground and the second row is on the way down. I’ll be having to get some pliers out to try to bend them back into shape when the holidays are over.

I’m hoping these cats grow out of it. It’d be nice not to have to consider wrapping the tree in chicken wire or something to stop the inevitable destruction. Hey, at least we’ve not seen puke with fake pine needles in it. Yet.