Random Thoughts from 4/25 Weekend

Lots of random thoughts that came up between Saturday and now, figured I’d get them down. None probably of interest to anyone but me, but we’ll get ‘em down anyway.

Saw State of Play this weekend for my dad’s birthday. It was decent and had some good plot twists, but I think there were parts that could have moved a little faster. Jenn got bored and there were definitely a few spots where I was like, “come ONNNNNN.” I won’t be buying the DVD, but it was worth seeing. Maybe wait for the rental.

I cleaned our Sunsetter retractable awning this weekend to prepare it for the season. I find that I have to do this every year because the moisture from the winter gets inside the rolled up awning and it gets a little moldy. Covering the awning doesn’t help. It’s not a bad build-up, just a little dirty looking. Sprayed it down with some “30 Seconds” and it came out looking very nice, but I didn’t realize the cleaner has bleach in it… so my jacket came out looking like it had rained white on me. Not a big deal since it was my outdoor work jacket, but sort of weird, especially since it says “safe to use around plants and animals” on it.

We got some La-Z-Boy recliners delivered, completing our game room, but I always seem to have problems with things that other people don’t. The leather looks great, I sat in one before the delivery guy left and it felt good, then later that night Jenn and I were sitting there (Jenn in the one I didn’t sit in) and it turns out the seat on that one is tilted to the right so it feels like you’re sliding sideways. The repair guy will be here on Wednesday for that. (There’s a repair guy coming today for another piece of furniture we had delivered a couple of weeks ago where the leather was scratched.)

Oh, and my Ion Drum Rocker is on the fritz. I was playing the “Drum Trainer” mode in Rock Band 2, doing reasonably well, but at random intervals the “up” directional arrow thought it was getting pushed so the tempo would speed up on me without warning. A few times of that and I called their support. The control box for that is getting repaired now but it could be seven to eight weeks before I’m back up and running. I’ve got a call in to see if I can get that sped up. We really wanted to have a Rock Band party but you kinda can’t without drums.

Jenn and I got tickets to see the B-52’s and Tears for Fears (two different concerts, not one concert with two acts) this summer at the Oregon Zoo. Looking forward to that.

While I was zoning out getting my teeth cleaned this morning, I was thinking that eventually there’s got to be a system of record for human intelligence. It doesn’t necessarily have to contain all of human intelligence, but it needs to at least index it. Then we’ll end up with little implants that have wireless network access in them and can call into that system. I don’t know if it’d be Google or Wikipedia. I guess it depends on whether the system actually needs to contain the information or just index it. Hmmm. Anyway, thinking about how that would work kept me busy while I was getting my teeth cleaned.

I downloaded the BlackBerry app from Amazon and I must say so far I’m impressed. It’s much better than the mobile web experience and it has that thing built in where you can take a picture of something and it’ll find similar items that they sell on Amazon. I haven’t tried that yet. Might have to later. I wonder what happens if I send a picture of myself in - what items do they sell that are similar to me?