Downtown Portland Team Building Scavenger Hunt

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The Red Team: Jeff, Derek, Me (Travis), and
DevinYesterday the entire Voyager User Solutions and Infrastructure teams went downtown Portland to do a photo scavenger hunt. We were broken up into three teams - Red, Yellow, and Blue, and ran around taking pictures of ourselves with various landmarks.

Jeff, Derek, I, and Devin were on the Red Team.

We started out at Pioneer Place around noon for lunch, then at 1:00p met up in Pioneer Courthouse Square to get our clue packets and get moving. From then until about 3:30p we went everywhere from Powell’s Books to Skidmore Fountain to the Portland Art Museum and the Oregon Historical Society getting pictures.

After an extremely exhausting day, all of the teams reconvened at the Pinocchio Bar and Restaurant for happy hour and dinner.

A great time was had by all. We learned a few things about Portland that we didn’t know (and I’ve lived here my entire life!) and came out all the better for it.

Maybe next time we’ll go skydiving…. nah.